Solutions for Integrating Behavioral Health 

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UMASS Medical School is ranked among the  best medical schools  in the country, and primary care is one of our most recognized and lauded areas of expertise. The Center for Integrated Primary Care was launched and is thriving in this environment, and founder, Alexander Blount, EdD literally wrote the book the book on integrating behavioral health and primary care.                                     

As the world watches, healthcare in the US is transforming. In order to deliver better outcomes to more patients while controlling costs, experts agree that primary care will look and operate much differently, and the model most cited is the Patient Centered Medical Home, a team-based health care delivery model.

The courses offered by CIPC aim at providing in-depth  training to help behavioral health professionals build the expertise needed for a successful career in integrated primary care. 

Our former fellows and alumni of CIPC courses are going on to distinguished careers, and will be on the cutting edge of managing this new health care environment. We were the first and are still the best.

Our courses are delivered online in real time, so there are no travel costs. They are interactive, so there will be ample dialog with faculty and other students. Continuing education units are offered for many disciplines. 


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