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Manuel Garber

Manuel Garber, PhD - Bioinformatics Core Director
Associate Professor Program in Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology and
Program in Molecular Medicine

Manuel Garber directs the day-to-day operations of the bioinformatics core; he has extensive experience in the application and analysis of high throughput sequencing data and has pioneered methods for RNA-Seq and ChIP-seq analysis. The Garber Lab uses sequence data to study the evolution of non-coding elements of the mammalian genome.

 Alper Kucukural

Alper Kucukural, PhD - Research Assistant Professor 
Bioinformatics Core and Program in Molecular Medicine

Alper joined the bioinformatics core in June 2013.  Alper has experience in protein structure characterization and prediction, and applications of genetic algorithms in computational biology. His research over the past few years has focused on protein structure analysis using techniques from graph theory. He also implemented the theories from computer sciences to biology to find solutions in drug design and small molecular docking fields. RNAs and small RNAs started becoming the most critical area to work on producing new methods to cure many diseases. He has started working on analyzing deep sequencing data to discover key elements of splicing of pre-mRNAs to shed more light on post-transcriptional regulations of RNAs. Moreover, analyzing RNA targets of tdp43 with deep sequencing on Rat and human was another focus of his research to understand the mechanisms of neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer and ALS. He also implemented an algorithm to reduce noise by calling the peaks caused by experimental and alignment biases for RIP and ChipSeq NGS data.

Currently, he designs and implements reusable, robust and production grade bioinformatics analysis pipelines and pipeline generation tools for processing next-generation sequencing data that support researchers in UMass Medical School.


Nicholas Merowsky, BS - Bioinformatician 

Nick joined the bioinformatics core in March 2015. His experience includes working with and customizing RNA-sequencing pipelines. He is also interested in a variety of sequence alignment tools and algorithms. Currently Nick is helping create/curate a variety of tools within the bioinformatics core.

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