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Michael G. Noujaim, medical student


  Michael G. Noujaim, MSc

What has been the most satisfying part of your time at UMass Medical School?
The most satisfying part of my time at UMMS has been the access to world-class physicians and scientists that are incredibly approachable and always willing to invest innumerable hours teaching and training tomorrow’s physicians.

How have your clinical experiences impacted your understanding of optimally caring for patients?
Students at UMMS are extremely lucky in that they are given the opportunity to start working in a clinical setting as early as their second or third month of medical school. My clinical experiences at UMMS have exposed me to people from all walks of life. I have been fortunate enough to receive my medical training at various clinical sites throughout Massachusetts, exposing me to incredibly diverse patient populations. These experiences have taught me the importance of always considering the socioeconomic and sociocultural backgrounds of patients when trying to understand their medical conditions and how to most effectively treat them. Hence, my medical education at UMMS has equipped me with a heightened awareness of all the social and cultural issues that may impact the course of someone’s illness. Ultimately, I truly believe that UMMS has more than adequately prepared me to go out into the clinical world and offer my patients the best care possible. 

What advice would you offer others considering UMass Medical School?
If you are looking for a top-notch medical education at a world-class institution with a great sense of community where you are taught and trained by leading minds in their respective fields, then UMMS is the place for you!