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Elena Merino Rodriguez, PhD, postdoc

        Elena Merino Rodriguez, PhD

What is your role at UMMS and how does it support the overall institution.
My role is to conduit different projects focused on immunology in the lab, as an independent researcher and to mentor students. I hope that my basic research would lead to better a understanding of how the immune system works and that these findings will be of use for others colleagues in the field and for potential new immunotherapies in the future, that might even be used by UMass Memorial Medical Center some day.

What part of your job brings you the greatest satisfaction?
I find great satisfaction in learning new things, in facing challenging situations, asking questions and finding answers. Also, I love to teach and mentor younger students and see their progress. The interaction with people is very important to me as part of my job. Science is made by the effort of all of us as a team.

As a postdoc, what attracted you to UMMS?
UMMS has some of the best researchers in the world. I am working on immunology using some of the tools that were discovered here at the institution. We have Craig Mello, the Nobel Prize Laureate, and some other colleagues who have contributed to the RNA field with an incredible importance. I use some RNA techniques for my research every day, so I feel like UMMS is a great work place to be. Also, there are opportunities for many collaborations and the community in here is great!