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Need restriction enzymes, DNA/RNA purification kits, PCR reagents, or related products? Head over to the Enzyme Freezer Supply site.

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Product News


New Lower Agilent-Stratagene Pricing

Herculase Enhanced DNA polymerase (cat. no. 600260), 100 units; list price $101.14; TCEFS price was $91, now $66
Herculase II Fusion DNA polymerase (cat. no. 600675), 40 rxns; list price $56.55; TCEFS price was $51, now $37
XL10 Gold, Ultracompetent cells (cat. no. 200314), 5 x 0.1 ml, list price $176.13; TCEFS price was $158, now $133
Free shipping!

Click here for new pricing on other Stratagene products

Marker prices

100 bp DNA ladder

NEB, cat. no. N3231S, 100 lanes, list price $56, TCEFS price $45
cat. no. 239035, 100 lanes, list price $140, TCEFS price $82
cat. no. 10488058, 100 lanes, list price $102, TCEFS price $87
cat. no. P1473, 75 lanes, list price $91.70, TCEFS price $90

Medical School Building vending machines now in the Albert Sherman Center!

AS4.2016  Life Technologies Invitrogen (same key - if your lab needs one call X62541)
AS5.2016  NEBnow (registration required - register at the machine or by sending an email to freezers@neb.com; to view product selection)
AS6.2016  Qiagen (same key - same as Invitrogen key - if your lab needs one call X62541)
AS7.2016  Roche RPS (Roche has discontinued their remote freezer program)
AS8.2016  BioRad Now available! (view product selection)
AS9.2016  Promega Helix (for registration and a Helix card contact the Promega representative Michael Wieland at michael.wieland@promega.com)




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