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Plastic Surgery Research Laboratory

Lab Staff - Plastic Surgery Research LabActive areas of investigation include:

General Plastic Surgery
 Applications of fat grafting, mitigation of surgical drain complications, pressure sore prevention 

Updated population based cephalic index norms, neonatal mandibular distraction  

Radiation and thermal injury effects on skin and their mitigation, external volume expansion devices, ventral hernia closure

Global Health
Quality and safety outcomes on international plastic surgery volunteer trips, best practices around global health education

All faculty and residents are actively involved in plastic surgery research and are frequent presenters at regional, national and international forums, including the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, New England Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery, The International Hernia Society and the International Society of Craniofacial Surgery.

Joyce McIntyre, MD 
– Joyce McIntyre, MD is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery and is Assistant Professor of Surgery, Pediatrics and Neurosurgery.  She is Associate Program Director of the UMass Plastic Surgery Residency program and staff surgeon for both the UMass Craniofacial Team and the cleft team at Shriners Hospital for Children Springfield, MA .

Areas of special interest to Dr. McIntyre include complex craniofacial and skull disorders, quality and outcome measures in international plastic surgery, cleft lip and palate, functional problems with the jaw and airway, neonatal mandibular distraction, orthognathic surgery, vascular malformations and general pediatric plastic surgery.  She also staffs a regional plastic surgery clinic on Cape Cod where the Division of Plastic Surgery has been a leader in using telehealth technologies to increase patients’ access to reconstructive surgery. 

Dr. McIntyre graduated from Harvard College, UMass Medical School, UMass Plastic Surgery Integrated Plastic Surgery residency and the Craniofacial Fellowship at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego and the University of California San Diego.

Janice F. Lalikos, MD – Dr. Lalikos graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with an M.D. and a Master’s in Medical Illustration. She did a full general surgery residency training at Vanderbilt University Hospital and was boarded by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Her plastic surgery residency was completed at UMass Memorial Medical Center, and a craniofacial fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh - Presbyterian Medical Center. She is boarded by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is an ABPS Board Examiner. Dr. Lalikos’ clinical interests include pediatric plastic surgery, wound care, and tissue engineering. Her curriculum vitae acknowledge 50+ peer reviewed publications, 12 grants and 1 patent. Dr. Lalikos is Professor, Residency Program Director and Section Chief, Pediatric Plastic Surgery at the UMass Medical School. 

Heather M. Strom Tessier, MA – Mrs. Tessier is the Division’s Research Lab Manager and main Research Associate. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mount Holyoke College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences in 2000. She received her Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Clark University in 2011.  Her major duties include: coordinating all aspects of the lab/research projects, regulatory compliance, grant writing, budgeting and financial management, obtaining informed consent from research subjects, maintaining research records, retrieving, cataloging and processing samples, data analysis, and manuscript and IRB/IACUC protocol preparation.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School Office of Clinical Research

The Office of Clinical Research is the contracting entity for industry-sponsored clinical research at the University of Massachusetts Worcester and UMass Memorial Medical Center. For further information, please visit our website at

Under the supervision of the Office of Research (OOR) is the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU). The CTU is a newly renovated, 2,600-square-foot ambulatory site within UMass. The specialized clinical trials unit is a comfortable and accessible area for study participants. The area includes a waiting area, a conference room for study initiation, monitor visits and education meetings, four staff offices, three workstations for visiting staff, four exam rooms, an infusion room with two recliners, and a private infusion room for those subjects requiring special privileges.

The OOR also provides services such as: 

  • Promoting clinical investigator interests through industry liaisons
  • Assistance with feasibility review of new studies
  • Careful review and assessment of clinical study budgets
  • Thorough and timely review of Clinical Trial Agreements
  • Educational and training opportunities for clinical research staff
  • Investigational pharmacy support and consultation
  • Quality Improvement Initiative

For additional information on Clinical Study/Trial Agreements, please contact Sheila B. Noone, Ph.D. Director, Office of Clinical Research at University of Massachusetts Medical School at (508)856-5015 or e-mail at

Investigational Pharmacy Services

The Investigational Pharmacy Service plays a key role in facilitating subject safety for clinical trials being conducted at UMMS and UMMMC. Housed in the clinical system's ambulatory pharmacy, the service is staffed with 2 two full-time investigational pharmacists and a pharmacy technician.

The investigational pharmacy has a critical role in safe clinical trial conduct as it directs receipt, dispensing and storage of investigational drugs. It also has a distinct role as investigator consultant, regulatory expert and compliance professional as it relates to study drugs and their use.

For additional information, please contact:

For additional information on wound research, please contact Dr. Raymond M. Dunn at

Most Recent Publications:

Lujan-Hernandez, J. Chin, MS. Editor’s Invited Paper: “Discussion of “Creating a Favorable Micro-Environment for Fat Grafting in a Novel Model of Radiation Induced Mammary Fat Pad Fibrosis”. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, In Press.

Lujan-Hernandez J, Chin MS, Perry DJ, Chappell A, Lancerotto L, Yu N, Slamin R, Bannon E, Fitzgerald TJ, Lalikos JF.  “Improving Fat Grafting Outcomes after Radiation Therapy with External Volume Expansion Preconditioning: Effects on the graft”. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. In Press, January 2020.

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