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The Student Health Services is located in the Family Health Services practice in the Benedict Building, first floor, 55 Lake Avenue North (508) 334-2818

The following clinicians practice in the Family Health Services/Student Health Service:

*Phil Fournier, MD (Director, Student Health Services)
Robert Baldor, MD
Deb Dreyfus, MD
Veronica Farrell, NP
Erik Garcia
James Ledwith
*Mary Lindholm, MD
Eileen Rafferty, NP
SOnal SIngh, MD
Ed Zaccaria, MD

*In the case of faculty having educational leadership positions within the School of Medicine such as Clerkship Director or Learning Community Mentor those faculty members will not be available to be the PCP for medical students and medical care will be limited to urgent situations only.

If you are enrolled in the BC/BS student health insurance plan, the Student Health Service is automatically recognized as the required source of referral. If you are insured through a different plan, you can still use the SHS, as long as your insurance is accepted by UMass Memorial, which accepts most plans.

If you already have an established PCP who is in the BC/BS network, or would like to select a different UMass Memorial physician as your PCP, either on the university campus or in the community at a non-teaching site,  we can arrange for you to do so and have this physician be recognized by BC/BS as your PCP for referral purposes. However, to do so you MUST contact SHS to complete the PCP enrollment process.