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New publication from SPARC’s Gina Vincent!

Date Posted: Monday, June 04, 2018


See this recent publication by Michael Gropman, Ed.D and Gina M. Vicent, Ph.D.

Trust and Legitimacy Built through Structured, Fair, and Objective Decision Making (2017)*

Recent discourse suggests that successful and stable relationships between the police and the public are built on trust and legitimacy through fair, equitable, and respectful treatment in law enforcement’s effort to control crime, disorder, and even terrorism. At the center of these discussions are the examination of police use of force practices, the discretionary use of police authority, and the potential biases that might result from uncontrolled discretionary police practices. Evidence-based policing is fundamental to these issues.  Read it here.

*From Translational Criminology Magazine (Fall 2017), pp. 26-27.