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Joanne Nicholson is one of the authors of Parental Psychiatric Disorder, which has just received the President’s Award from the British Medical Association

Date Posted: Thursday, September 08, 2016

Parental Psychiatric Disorder. 3rd Edition by Andrea Reupert, Darryl Maybery, Joanne Nicholson, Michael Göpfert and Mary V Seeman Published by Cambridge University Press, 2015 (ISBN: 9781107070684 £69.99) received the BMA President's Award (chosen by Sir Al Aynsley-Green)

This book presents an innovative approach to thinking about and working with families where a parent has a mental illness. This new edition presents the current state of knowledge in this critically important field. Issues around prevalence, stigma and systems theory provide a foundation for the book, which offers new paradigms for understanding mental illness in families.  

It was reviewed by Dr K Valsraj consultant psychiatrist and associate clinical director for the East London NHS Foundation Trust East One who praised it as ”a one stop reading for [with] an innovative approach to thinking about and working with families where a parent has a mental illness.”

Immediate BMA past president Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green Kt commented: “'Think adult, think child' is a key philosophy for practitioners managing illnesses in parents that are likely to impact on the children in the family. In other words, they should ask routinely 'what are the effects of this adult's illness on the children in the family?'  With the soaring impact of adult mental and emotional ill health on clinical services and on society generally this outstanding book is timely in addressing a neglected area in a comprehensive yet practical way. It should be mandatory reading for trainees and practitioners in all professional disciplines in mental health services and in primary care as well as in child health. I commend it unreservedly.”

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