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HSPP Admissions Process


Criteria for eligibility, enrollment, and academic advancement 

Students gain access to the HSPP following an initial application to the School of Medicine (SOM) through the normal SOM application process. The SOM will review each applicant using selection criteria outlined on the School of Medicine - Office of Admissions website.

The SOM admissions committee will select those students who fulfill requirements for consideration as disadvantaged or under-represented minorities and who, based on prior experience, would benefit from an additional year of study and preparation before reapplying to medical school. These students will be interviewed to determine fit for the program and upon successful interview will be offered admission to the HSPP. Selected HSPP applicants will be invited to visit the school and upon acceptance will be required to undergo a criminal background check prior to matriculation. 

Students undertaking the HSPP courses and practicum are not assured admission to the SOM upon completion but are strongly encouraged to reapply for admission. 

Academic advancement requires an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Enrollment period 

The HSPP follows the SOM academic year, typically early August - through May. HSPP courses are also open to any SOM, GSN or GSBS student.