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The Regional Science Resource Center Laboratory is a fully equipped state-of the-art laboratory capable of supporting scientific explorations for up to 24 students. The programs at the laboratory provide professional development opportunities for teachers and gives them access to explore scientific concepts compatible with the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Frameworks and the National Science Standards.

We encourage teachers to bring classes to the lab to perform experiments with the support of the RSRC staff, to practice a technique, to troubleshoot an experiment or borrow supplies, equipment and instructional materials from the science loan program. Students who want to pursue independent research projects may also use the RSRC laboratory.

Inquiry-Based Activities:

Middle School
Isolating DNA from an Onion
Introduction to Gel Electrophoresis
Diagnosis of a Genetic Disease Using Gel Electrophoresis

High School
Diagnosis of a Genetic Disease Using Gel Electrophoresis
DNA Fingerprinting—“Who Robbed Sharfmans?”
Bradford Assay for Protein Quantification

AP High School
Restriction Enzyme Analysis of DNA by Gel Electrophoresis
Transformation of Bacterial Cells

For additional information or to borrow materials for your class:

call 508-856-1529 or email

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