STEM Central: Career Awareness Campaign

STEM Central, a three-year, multifaceted STEM careers awareness campaign, will develop a strategic communication plan to increase awareness of STEM careers and the corresponding career pathways to the 21st Century STEM workforce. The major targets of the campaign are middle school students (especially girls, under-represented minorities, potential first-generation college and low-income students) and their spheres of influence including parents, teachers and guidance counselors. Focused in four key areas of the Central region, a critically important component of reaching minority and low-income families will be achieved through a grassroots effort similar to a successful health awareness campaign. Parent-friendly STEM career information will be delivered to parents wherever they are—at work, at home, or in the community. 

Below are some helpful links to calendars of events for Innovation Month in the Worcester Public Schools, career websites and tools, and more detailed information about the campaign:

  Campaign Information
* Video of middle school students engaged in STEM activities

Framework to Develop a Career Awareness Conference
* Women in Science Conference
MEN in STEM Conference
 Worcester Innovation Month
*   STEM Career and College Information
*STEM Summer Program Opportunities

 *STEM Expo

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