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Hands-on MRI Scanning Elective

At UMass radiology residency program, third and fourth-year residents and fellows are giventhe opportunity to participate in a hands-on MRI scanning elective at Brighton Shields MRI, known as MRI Scanning at the Console. During the elective the trainees will be exposed to and instructed on all practical aspects of MRI examinations, including MRI safety and screening, patient and coil positioning, image acquisition, sequence optimization, artifact recognition and troubleshooting. By the end of this rotation participants will be able to independently complete and optimize acquisition of 7 basic MRI examinations (Brain, Knee, Shoulder, Spine, MRCP, Liver, Pelvis).

The elective is designed to complement the annual MRI physics curriculum with practical applications, and produce radiologists trained in the art and science of high-value MRI. The course is taught by Dr. Tiron Pechet and Dr. Khashayar Rafatzand who will accompany the trainees in an intense, one-on-one hands-on MRI experience.

Radiology Leadership Institutes Health Care Economic Milestones Program

All our second-year radiology residents take part in the RLI Health Care Economics Milestones Program (HCEM).  The program provides a unique, interactive experience for residents to gain knowledge of radiology health care economics and at the same time, satisfies the ACGME systems-based practice competency requirement.  The course is locally supervised by Drs. David Choi and Aaron Harman, however the course is taught by national experts via webinars.

Introduction to Radiology Informatics Course

This is offered to all radiology residents as an elective.  This is an online course that is giventwice a year. The course is 5 days long and residents are given scholarly time to be able to take the course. The course wwalks you through the basics of Radiology Informatic through small group session, pre-recorded lectures, online-interactive lectures, and reading assignments. The course is led by over 20 imaging informatics experts. The residents have had a great experience with this course.

Community Non-Vascular Intervention Elective

This elective is specially designed to give senior residents an idea of what it is like to perform interventional procedures in a community hospital setting as well as expose them to a wide variety of non-vascular interventional procedures.
  • The residents & fellows will work directly with & under the supervision of the attending radiology staff as they interpret diagnostic radiology images as well as doing interventional procedures, with the goal of improving the residents & fellows skills in all facets of radiology imaging and diagnosis
  • The purpose of this elective is to expose residents, in their 3rd or 4th year, to community radiology at one of our associated community sites
  • Supervise, protocol and review cases with attending radiologists
  • Interpret & preform appropriate volume of cases for level of training to ensure adequate exposure to the wide spectrum of pathology relating to radiology