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Tips Alert

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tips Alert? 
Tips Alert is tool that provides Medical Center and Medical School employees the opportunity to submit anonymous public safety tips to our Campus Police by sending a text message or submitting online. Information that is submitted to the tip reporting system is not traced, and therefore our police will not know the user's identity. Through this system, our Medical Center and Medical School Campus Police hope to provide another method to enhance public safety 

What types of incidents can I submit? 
Our Medical Center/Medical School Campus Police welcome all tips relating to public safety concerns via Tips Alert including safety issues that may impact patients, visitors or employees, information about a potential crime or suspicious activity. Some examples may include reporting icy conditions, potholes and skateboarders in our parking lots and garages, speeding vehicles in the vicinity of our campuses, and employees smoking on our Medical Center/Medical School properties. 

When can I submit a tip? 
You may submit a tip anytime, anywhere via a text on your smartphone or an online form from your computer. Details on how to submit a tip are provided on the Medical Center’s and Medical School’s intranet sites. Medical Center employees can access information about Tips Alert on OurNet (located under the Administrative tab > Campus Police). Medical School employees can find details by visiting

What does it cost to send a tip? 
Reporting a tip via your smartphone or online is free and requires no purchase or fee for participation. However, standard text messaging rates and other fees may apply when submitting via your smartphone. Check your mobile plan for more details. 

How do I submit a tip via text messaging? 
To text a tip to our Medical Center/Medical School Campus Police via Tips Alert, you must have text messaging enabled on your smartphone and subscribe to a participating cell phone carrier. To begin your tip session, text the word TIPSALERT to the number 274637. 
• While handset menus differ by model, here are some basic steps on how to compose a text message. 
• Find "messaging" or "SMS" on your phone's main menu. 
• Create a new text message or send text or SMS text. 
• When composing your message: 
o Enter the number 274637 as the mobile number or in the "to" line. 
o Then, in the message body, type word TIPSALERT, a space, and then your crime tip information (TIPSALERT is not case-sensitive). 
• Hit "send" to send the message. 
• You will receive a response from TIPSOFT shortly, which will start the secure text dialogue. 
• When you complete your tip submission, for your safety, you should always delete all text messages to and from 274637 from your text message in box and outbox. 

How do I submit an anonymous tip from my computer? 
Employees can visit the Tips Alert site and submit via the online form. The tip goes through a secure server where the identity of the sender is masked from the police receiving the online anonymous tip.

What type of information do I submit via the online form? 
To submit a tip: 
• Fill in as much detail in the fields provided about the location and incident. 
• Using the Tip Follow Up dropdown option, you can decide how or if you would like to stay involved. 
• If you have a photo that shows the safety issue or crime, you may attach it under the Upload Photo section of the online form. 
• When you are finished entering your information, click on the Submit Tip button. 

How are safety tips submitted anonymously via text and online? 
When sending a text tip, you will not be asked to reveal your identity to the police and the police will not be able to trace the text message in any way. A special computer server will encrypt your Tips Alert message and mask your identity before sending your tip to the police. This service is truly anonymous. No mobile phone information is collected by us as part of this program. Your text tip is completely anonymous and is only identifiable via a four-digit tip code that will be provided to you. 

Tips submitted online via the TipsAlert website are encrypted, entirely confidential and completely anonymous and are immediately and securely transferred directly to our tip management application. After submitting your tip online, you will be provided with a four-digit tip code that you will use if you want to check the status of your tip. 

Should I delete my text tip messages from my smartphone? 
For your safety, you should always delete all Tips Alert text messages to and from 274637 from your inbox and outbox. 

How do I discontinue using the program from my smartphone? 
To stop the Tips Alert program at any time from your smartphone, which will prevent our Campus Police from being able to securely respond back to you, you can opt out via text message. Send a text message with the word STOP to 274637. You'll receive a one-time opt-out confirmation text message. If you choose to, you can submit a text tip again at a later time by texting the word TIPSALERT along with your tip to 274637.