ATTOC - China

About West China Hospital:

West China HospitalWest China Hospital is considered the largest hospital in the country. It covers an area of 46.7 hectares, owns 400,000 square meters of building for clinical with fixed assets at 30 billion RMB. There are 4000 beds, 36 clinical departments, 15 medical technology departments in West China Hospital. It has a staff of 6100, over 550 of whom are professors and associate professors. The hospital has a Senior Experts Consulting Center, 200 special clinics and walk-in clinics that stay open during noon and weekend. The Hospital also sets up Community Health Center, Medical Center for Tibet public and Golden Card Hospital to meet the community needs.

Its psychiatric laboratory was established in the 1980s and is one of the leading institutes pioneering in psychiatric genetics, molecular neurobiology, lectroneurophysiology and psychopharmacology in China.

About the Mental Health Center at West China Hospital:

Established in 1938, the Mental Health Center of West China Hospital, Sichuan University is the first institute of mental health in Southwestern China and one of the four major bases for mental health in the country. Several decades’ development has made it a first-class institution in patient care, education and research. Currently, the Center includes clinical division, teaching and research division, mental health institute, a training center for psychotherapists and a forensic center. The Mental Health Center is the main educator and mental health service provider in Southwest China.

The division of patient care includes an outpatient section and several inpatient wards with a total of 200 beds which has specializations in psychosis, psychosomatic diseases, geriatric psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, substance abuse and psychiatric rehabilitation. The center serves over 100,000 patients every year.

The teaching and research division provides education programs in four main disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, nursing and general education to the students of clinical medicine, stomatology, public health, forensic medicine, basic medicine, pharmacology and other departments in the university. The curricula includes general psychology, medical psychology, psychiatry, guideline to clinical medicine, rehabilitation psychology, management psychology, nursing psychology, psychiatric nursing, developmental psychology, etc. Apart from the education programs on campus, the center also provides various training courses to other comprehensive hospitals and specialized hospitals under the warrant of National Committee of Education. In the center, there is a continuing education program for doctors from other hospitals and regular lectures for patients and their families. There is also a relatively independent training center of psychotherapist. The Southwest Training Center for Psychotherapist was established in January 2002 in the form of social support education. It aims at training professional psychotherapist. Up to now it has trained over 300 psychotherapists from hospital, enterprises and universities. The Center’s research programs are supported by the Mental Health Institute. The research area includes molecular biology, electrophysiology, psychopharmacology, clinical psychology and forensic psychiatry. In the past five years, over $10 million RMB research fund had been granted from over 40 programs including national nine-five key projects, National “973” Task, National Natural Science Foundation, National Drug Inspection Program, CMB supported programs, ministry and provincial programs and several co-operational programs. Altogether about 300 articles had been published during the same period. Internationally, the center has established good rapport with centers in France, United Kingdom and the United States through many collaborative efforts. These international programs have generated many new aspects of further development for the center and solidify the strength of the research center.