Ex-Smokers' Hall of Fame

The Ex-Smokers' Hall of Fame features the stories of former smokers and how they quit. It's hard to quit smoking. Sharing these stories provides hope for people that want to quit smoking, shows that there are people in our community who have successfully quit smoking, and inspires others to also quit smoking. 

If you are an ex-smoker and would like to join the Hall of Fame, contact Tina Grosowsky, tina.grosowsky@umassmed.edu or 508-856-5067.


Bouyer Bio Burns Power Bio Coffman Bio Cohen Thumb Golding Bio
Dutch Bouyer Kathy Burns Power Ryan Coffman Ruth Cohen Sara Golding
Harling Thumb Lindholm Bio Lorin Bio McGrath Bio Millard Bio
Maggie Harling Jessica Lindholm Lucy Lorin Ryen McGrath Laurie Ann Millard
Moss Bio Premo Bio Rosenthal Bio Sawyer Bio Seferi Bio
Jim Moss Nancy Premo Ed Rosenthal Nancy Sawyer Mary Seferi
Valley Bio White Thumb Woodcock Thumb Woodgett Bio   
Debra Valley Brenda White Christopher Woodcock Silvia Woodgett