2010 High School Summer Interns

The 2010 Summer Interns: 

Anderson 2010 HS Intern Roxanne Anderson is a sophomore at Worcester Academy. Her interest is in addiction counseling, especially with patients who have psychiatric disorders. She worked with Greg Seward and Ryan Coffman in the Tobacco Consultation Service shadowing inpatient visits as well as working on a smoking cessation brochure. Roxanne learned a lot about the addiction of nicotine and how serious an issue it is.
Atwater 2010 HS Intern Britney Atwater is a freshman at WPI. She will be working toward a degree in biomedical engineering and would like to attend medical school to become a neurosurgeon. Britney worked with Dr. Julie Pilitsis observing neurosurgeries, visiting departments such as neurology, radiation oncology, ICU and animal research, and working on research projects concerning Parkinson’s disease and subdural hematoma evacuations. Britney learned that neurosurgeons spend about 70% of their time treating spine problems.
Goyal 2010 HS Intern Raashika Goyal is a junior at the Advanced Math and Science Academy. She would like to attend an accelerated medical program or a prestigious undergrad program and eventually become a neurosurgeon. Raashika worked with Dr. Jean King at the Center for Comparative NeuroImaging and learned about rat models of Parkinson’s disease, watched numerous behavior tests, and learned about MRI scans. She also spent a day with Dr. Pilitsis and saw neurosurgical procedures. Raashika learned that animal research is vital because research done on rats can be translated to effective treatments for humans.
Marrone 2010 HS Intern Dana Marrone is a senior at Worcester Academy. She would like to attend college and study psychology with a focus in neuroscience research as well as clinical research. Dana worked with the Tobacco Consultation Service making a brochure for smoking cessation. She also shadowed Ryan Coffman during his patient visits in the hospital to promote tobacco cessation. Dana learned that tobacco is more addictive than heroin and kills more people in one day than cocaine does in a year.
Martin 2010 HS Intern Jasmin Martin is a senior at Algonquin Regional High School. Her goal is to become a pediatrician. During her time at UMASS she worked with Dr. Kennedy and learned about his work on brain volume databases and analysis of MRI images.
Zammitti 2010 HS Intern Chris Zammitti is a junior at Tahanto Regional High School. He would like to become a surgeon or anesthesiologist. Chris worked with Dr. Benjamin and Dr. Torres and was able to observe multiple surgeries, interacted with patients, and learned extensively about surgery and medicine firsthand. Chris enjoyed that the doctors interacted with him like he was part of their medical team and were willing to help him out in any way possible, even during surgery.