2009 High School Summer Interns

The 2009 Summer Interns:

Intern Sasha SASHA Y. BENITEZ, senior at Holy Name High School, intern in CCNI. Sasha thought this was a cool new experience that gave her an insight on how the brain works and shows how the research could be so interesting and intriguing. Her biggest challenge was looking for information on the lungs and how nicotine affects the lungs. The most interesting thing was learning that “women who smoke are 600% more likely to get lung cancer or later to get worsened symptoms of lung cancer.”
Intern Demetria DEMETRIA ODOM, senior at North High, intern for Dr. Jennifer Wu’s Communications program. Demetria is interested in health care and technology. She assisted with research in social media networks, collecting information, and creating flyers. She also interviewed the other three high school interns.
Intern Victoria VICTORIA J. WANG, senior at Shrewsbury High School, intern in CCNI. Victoria found different resources for her project. Her biggest challenge was learning the concepts of the brain. Victoria learned that working with your supervisors can be fun at times. She really enjoyed presenting the result at the end of the project.
Intern Michelle MICHELLE P. ZIEDONIS, sophomore at Westborough High School, an intern in CCNI. Michelle did quite a bit of research and presented the result. She feels privileged to try this new experience. The biggest challenge was to learn about the cells that she didn’t know before. Michelle also learned that meeting deadlines is really important and that it’s a lot of pressure to work in. Presentations were most interesting to her since she got to put all the information together and do public speaking. Michelle is serving as a student co-leader for the Neurosicence and Mental Health Program for High School Students.