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Diversity & Inclusion


Our diversity efforts strengthen our capacity for vital advancements, for research discoveries that change the world, and for carrying out our shared mission of educating tomorrow’s science leaders.


The multiculturalism of our diverse faculty, staff, and student body, and the diverse communities we are part of, create unique opportunities for leveraging our differences as fundamental to our institution’s excellence.  Our work is a global effort enhanced by the great diversity of the local and regional communities in which we live and serve.


Our Diversity & Inclusion Office (DIO) functions as a center of excellence for guiding the implementation of our combined diversity strategies and programs. Together, these components power our efforts toward an inclusive culture and help us to become one of the nation’s most distinguished academic health sciences center.



Foundations class moves students from knowledge consumers to knowledge creators

The Foundations of Biomedical Sciences course at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences gives new graduate students the foundational skills they need to develop into independent investigators who can create as well as absorb knowledge.

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Autism Speaks awards predoctoral fellowship to Philip Feinberg

Philip A. Feinberg, an MD/PhD candidate studying in the lab of Dorothy P. Schafer, PhD, has been named a predoctoral fellow by Autism Speaks, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting solutions for the needs of people with autism and their families.

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PhD candidate Javier Solivan-Rivera says collaboration is key at GSBS

As an inquisitive child, Javier Solivan-Rivera said he knew he wanted to study human biology. Though he initially focused on becoming a physician, he decided he would prefer to conduct research that could directly lead to improved human health.

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Student Spotlight


“I was born in Veracruz Mexico, but spent the majority of my early years in Guatemala City. When visiting Massachusetts for the first time, I was impressed by the diversity and the way people made me feel welcome, which led me to pursue my education here. Dr. Merav Socolovsky offered me the opportunity to join the UMMS family, by joining her lab as a research associate, an experience which changed my outlook on my future. I enjoyed working with Merav so much that I decided to commit to her lab as a PhD student. My decision was largely influenced by the strength of UMMS’s research community. There are strong scientists here, many of them leaders in their specific field of research, yet they are down-to-earth and highly approachable.


The connections I have made during my time as a student go beyond my research colleagues; I have had the chance to meet people in many student body organizations some of whom have become good friends. Despite its size, the institution ensures my voice is heard and taken into consideration, which makes me feel comfortable. The collaborative spirit at UMMS, combined with the expertise of the professionals here, means that you can find many ways to accelerate your research interests while also beneficially impacting the work of others. The proximity of the hospital is another resource that makes it easy to translate your research to modern medicine, which impacts the lives of many.”


Daniel Hidalgo
-- GSBS Student


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