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Program Personnel

The Department of Pathology at the University of Massachusetts has more than 30 faculty members with a wide range of backgrounds and subspecialty expertise. Each faculty member has a unique area of specialization and acts as a consultant for the program in developing and advancing that subspecialty. In addition, the surgical pathology division has four full-time pathologist assistants, who are strongly engaged in residents' teaching.

Residency Training Sites

During their training, residents rotate between the two main teaching sites: the UMass Memorial - University Campus, located on the same campus as UMass Medical School, and the UMass Memorial - Memorial Campus, located 1.5 miles from the Medical School campus, as well as the Biotech 3 building, located directly across from the Medical School campus. A part of the residency training in Clinical Pathology is conducted at Quest Diagnostics laboratory in Marlborough, MA, 13 miles from the main campus.


Dina Kandil, MD 
Director, Residency Training Program

Sherry Jakubiak
Coordinator, Residency Training Program


Anatomic Pathology

Dr. Ali Akalin
Dr. Jacob Bledsoe
Dr. Jennifer Clark  
Dr. Ediz Cosar    
Dr. April Deng
Dr. Zendee Elaba
Dr. Andrew Fischer
Dr. Lloyd Hutchinson 
Dr. Zhong Jiang    
Dr. Dina Kandil 
Dr. Yao Tek Kaw
Dr. Salwa Khedr
Dr. Patrick O'Donnell
Dr. William Selove
Dr. Thomas Smith   
Dr. George Tjionas
Dr. Vijay Vanguri    
Dr. Xiaofei Wang 
Dr. Bruce Woda    
Dr. Michelle Yang 
Dr. Tao Zuo

Clinical Pathology

Dr. Anne Higgins
Dr. Igor Rozenvald
Dr. Amanda Jenkins    
Dr. Patricia Miron
Dr. Michael Mitchell      
Dr. Lokinendi Rao  
Dr. Marzena Galdzicka    
Dr. Neng Yu