Basic Science Faculty

Leslie J. Berg, PhD    

T lymphocyte development and activation 

Francis Ka-Ming Chan, PhD 

Analysis of TNF receptor signaling in healthy and diseased immune systems 

Richard Dutton, Ph.D. Cellular and molecular immunology
Eric Huseby, PhD  

Development of T cell tolerance of self and the autoimmune consequence of when it fails 

Isabelle Joris, PhD 
Professor Emeritus
Biology and pathology of hematopoietic neoplasia 
Joonsoo Kang, PhD  

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of T cell lineage commitment. 

Andrea Reboldi, PhD  
Kenneth L. Rock, MD   Mechanisms to control display of foreign antigens to immune system 
Liisa K. Selin, MD  

Mechanisms of viral immunology 

Lianjun Shen, MD, PhD    
Lawrence J. Stern, PhD  

Molecular recognition in the immune system. 

Susan Swain, Ph.D. CD4 T cell differentiation, effector function and memory
Eva Szomolanyi-Tsuda, MD  
Interactions of viral gene products and host immune systems 
Raymond M. Welsh, PhD  

Basic mechanisms of viral immunology and immunopathology 

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