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Foundational Curriculum Committees

This list is provided to support communication regarding the School of Medicine Curriculum. Table is updated periodically. Updated 4/15/2021

Please send any updates to Maria Paz Torres at

Courses Listed by Curriculum Year

Curriculum Year Course   Course Abreviation  First Name  Last Name  Role 
FOM1 Building Working Cells & Tissues  BWCT Mary O'Brien  Co-Leader
Roger Craig Block/Section Leader
William Royer Co-Leader
Keiko Dion Course Administrator 
Cancer Concepts CC Ediz Cosar Interim Co-Leader
Janaki Moni Co-Leader
Maryann Bishop-Jodoin Course Administrator 
Determinants of Health 1 DOH1 Karen Rayla Course Administrator
Suzanne Cashman Co-Leader
Mara Epstein Block/Section Leader
Susan  Hogan Co-Leader
Development Structure & Function  DSF Christopher Cerniglia Co-Leader
Michael Sweeney Course Administrator
Manas Das Co-Leader
Lela  Giannaris  Co-Leader 
Doctoring & Clinical Skills 1 DCS1 David Hatem Co-Leader
Susan Hogan Block/Section Leader
Peggy  Wu Block/Section Leader
Carly  Eressy Course Administrator
Foundations of Health & Disease FHD Christopher Marshall Co-Leader
Jennifer Clark Interim Co-Leader
Deborah  Elliott Course Administrator
Host Defense & Blood HDB Deborah Elliott Course Administrator
Samuel Behar Co-Leader
Zeina Al-Mansour Co-Leader
Nahida Islam Interim Course Director
Infections INF Christopher Sassetti Co-Leader
Sonia Nunes Course Administrator
Read Pukkila-Worley Co-Leader
Timothy Kowalik Block/Section Leader
Integrated Case Exercises 1 ICE1 Jennifer Carey Co-Leader
Maxine Schmeidler Course Administrator
Michael Fahey Co-Leader
Principles of Human Genetics  POHG Deborah Elliott Course Administrator
Lisa Hall  Co-Leader
Neena Gupta Course Director
Principles of Pharmacology POP Mark Dershwitz Co-Leader
Jill Zitzewitz Co-Leader
Transition to Medical School TRANS MS David  Hatem Co-Leader
Michele DeSeve Course Administrator
FOM2 Determinants of Health 2 DOH2 Jennifer Masoud Course Administrator
Suzanne Cashman Co-Leader
Doctoring & Clinical Skills 2 DCS2 Christine  MacGinnis Block/Section Leader
David Hatem Co-Leader
Peggy  Wu Block/Section Leader
Carly  Eressy Course Administrator
Integrated Case Exercises 2 ICE2 Jennifer Carey Co-Leader
Maxine Schmeidler Course Administrator
Michael Fahey Co-Leader
Organ System Diseases OSD Ali Akalin Block Leader
Christopher Coyne Block Leader
David Clive Course Director
Dina Kandil Course Co-Leader
Howard Sachs Review Series Leader
Jennifer Yates Block Leader
Mark Wilson Block Leader
Matthew McGuiness Block Leader
Patrick O'Donnell Block Leader
Susan Zweizig Block Leader
Thomas Smith Course Co-Leader
Vijay Vanguri Block Leader
Wahid Wassef  Block Leader
William Selove Block Leader
Leah Belazarian Block Leader
Deborah  Elliott Course Administrator
Gerlando LoTempio Course Administrator
George Tjionas Block Leader
Jonathan  Cheah Block Leader
Jason Kurland Block Leader
Maged Soliman Block Leader
Patients PATS Howard Sachs Leader
Michele Santucci Course Administrator
Principles of Pharmacology POP Sonia  Nunes Course Administrator
Mark Dershwitz Co-Leader
Jill Zitzewitz Co-Leader
The Brain:  Nervous System and Behavior BRAIN  Deborah Elliott Course Administrator
Mai-Lan Rogoff Co-Leader 
Michael Sweeney Course Administrator 
Susan Billings-Gagliardi Co-Leader
Thomas Smith Co-Leader
Kate  Daniello Co-Leader
Transition to Core Clinical Experience TRANS CCE Nasim Gorji Co-Leader
David  Hatem Co-Leader
Karen Morrissey Course Administrator

Core Clinical Experience and Advanced Studies 

Curriculum Year Course   Course Abreviation  First Name  Last Name  Role 
CCE Clerkship in Family Medicine FM CL Karen Rayla Administrator
Mary Lindholm Director
Diane McKee Chair 
Clerkship in Internal Medicine  IM CL Mary Hawthorne Director 
Robert Finberg Chair 
Nancy Slahan Assistant Director
Rebecca Sulyma Administrator
Clerkship in Neurology NEURO CL Marcey Osgood Director
Lois Holmes Administrator
Robert Brown Chair 
Clerkship in Ob/Gyn OBG CL Anne Garrison Director 
Julia Johnson Chair 
Madeline Johns (Nunez) Administrator
Clerkship in Pediatrics PEDI CL Elizabeth Wiener Co-Director
Erin McMaster Director
Maxine Schmeidler Administrator
Lawrence Rhein Chair 
Clerkship in Psychiatry PSY CL Anya Bernstein Co-Director
Cindy Snell Administrator
Yael Dvir Director
Kimberly Yonkers Chair 
Clerkship in Surgery SURG CL Demetrius Litwin Chair 
James Carroll Director
James Lindberg Associate Director
Marilyn Lavergne Administrator
Flexible Clinical Experiences FCE Colleen Burnham Program Manager
Samir Malkani Leader
Kevin  Hinchey Baystate Course Liaison
Justin Ayala Course Administrator -Baystate
Jenna  Gerrish Course Administrator
Interstitial Course ISC Andrea Poisson-Irani Co-Leader
Pawel Chojnowski Administrator
Ricardo Poza Co-Leader
Care of Adults (Medicine & Neurology) COA Sanjay Ram Basic Science Section Leader 
Care of Families (Pediatrics, Family Medicine & Psychiatry) COF Carolina Ionete Basic Science Section Leader 
Transition to Adavance Studies TRANS AS David Hatem Co-Leader
Nasim  Gorji Co-Leader
Sonia  Nunes Course Admistrator
AS Advanced Biomedical & Translational Sciences ABTS Eric Mick Leader
Jessica  Kilham Co-Leader
Emergency Clinical Problem Solver ECPS Jennifer Carey Leader
Jean Baril Administrator 
Acting Internship in Acute Care Surgery ASURG SUBI Demetrius Litwin Chair 
James Carroll Director 
Marilyn Lavergne Administrator 
Acting Internship in Family Medicine & Community Health FM SUBI Felix Chang Director - Health Alliance
Karen Rayla Administrator Memorial 
Diane McKee Chair 
Neha Wacks Director
Acting Internship In Internal Medicine IM SUBI Majid Yazdani Director 
Robert Finberg Chair 
Rebecca Sulyma Administrator 
Acting Internship in Pediatrics PEDI SUBI Maxine Schmeidler Administrator
Tim Gibson Director
Lawrence Rhein Chair 
Electives   Karen Morrissey Administrator
Susan Hogan Program Director
Transition to Internship TRANS IS David Hatem Co-Leader
Gerlando LoTempio Course Admistrator
All Capstone Scholarship & Discovery CSD Carolina Ionete Co-Leader
Christina Hermos Gerrish Co-Leader
Colleen Burnham Program Manager
Rachel Gerstein Co-Leader
Sarah McAdoo PURCH Co-Leader
Joseph Sabato Co-Leader
Lawrence Rhein Co-Leader
Jill  Zitzewitz Co-Leader
Clinical Translational Research Pathway CTRP Anne Michelson Administrator
Catarina Kiefe Co-Leader
Silvia Corvera Co-Leader
Global Health Pathway GHP Anindita Deb Leader
Pawel Chojnowski Administrative Assistant
Learning Communities LC David Hatem Co-Leader
Michael Ennis Co-Leader 
Sonia  Nunes Administrator
Rural Health Scholars RHS Heather-Lyn Haley Co-Leader 
Suzanne Cashman Co-Leader