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Global Health Partner Sites | Academic Year 2019-2020

  1. Kenya
    • Advisor: Dr. Ann Moorman (Infectious Disease & Immunology)
      • Sites: 1. Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) in Kisumu or 2. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH)- Public referral hospital, Kisumu
      • Projects: KEMRI - research -- anti-malarial immunity to naturally acquired infections in children; endemic Burkitt lymphoma; JOOTRH - other field and hospital-based projects, clinical shadowing
      • and
      • Language: English
  2. China
  3. India
    • Advisor: Dr. Jeroan Allison (Quantitative Health Sciences)
      • Site: Charutar Arogya Mandal (CAM), Karamsad, Gujarat
      • Projects: prevalence of atrial fibrillation in villages of CAM, storytelling
    • Advisor: Dr. Anindita Deb (Neurology)/Dr. Soaham Desai (Neurology, CAM)
      • Site: Charutar Arogya Mandal (CAM), Karamsad, Gujarat
      • Projects: shadowing in neurology clinic at CAM, clinic-based research project, screening for parkinsonism
    • Language: Gujarati/Hindi preferred (not required, medical staff speaks English)
  4. Dominican Republic
    • Advisor: Dr. Douglas Golenbock (Infectious Disease)
      • Sites: Instituto Dominicano de Estudios Virológics (IDEV- Domincan Institute of Virological Studies) – NGO in- and out-patient clinics, Santo Domingo
      • Projects: viral diseases, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases
      • Language: Spanish preferred
  5. Bolivia
  6. Ecuador
    • Advisor: Dr. David Chiriboga (Medicine)
      • Site: Universidad Tecnologica Equinoccial (UTE); Quito- National research training institute and Hospital Claudio Benati
      • Multi-country, longitudinal study, medical Spanish
      • Link:
  7. Liberia
    • Advisor: Dr. Patricia McQuilkin (Pediatrics)
      • Site: Monrovia, JFK and ELWAY hospitals, University of Liberia
      • Projects: Develop a malnutrition program and assist with an acute febrile illness study as part of an ongoing medical education project
      • Language: English

*Of note, Nicaragua is not being offered as a site this year due to increased political tension and unrest.

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