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Global Health Flexible Clinical Experiences (FCEs)


The Flexible Clinical Experience (FCE) Program is one required component of the 3rd year curriculum for all UMMS medical students. As part of this course, each 3rd year student has four one-week opportunities to choose an experience that matches their interest. 

The list of different FCEs that are available for students to enroll in can be found on the FCE website (see the left navigation bar for the "FCE Course Links"). In addition to approximately 100 different available FCEs, students have the ability to propose a self-designed FCE. UMMS Faculty also have the ability to propose a new FCE at any time. 

Global Health FCEs:

Below is a list of FCEs that are related to global health. 
These FCEs are available to UMMS students who are part of the Global Health Pathway (GHP), and also to UMMS students who are not a part of the GHP. 

Other FCEs on topics related to global health: 


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