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Recorded Meetings and Presentations

Various Public Presentations

Town Hall

Build Team Spokesperson meetings

Pathways Team meetings

Longitudinal Curriculum Team meetings

Three-year Curriculum Team meetings

Longitudinal Progression and Assessment

EPC Presentations

Curriculum ReVolution Overview, Feb 2, 2021

  1. The Big Picture (YouTube)
  2. Foundational Calendar (YouTube)
  3. Standardized Weeks (YouTube)
  4. Early Clinical Experiences (YouTube)
  5. Assessment, Remediation, and Deceleration (YouTube)
  6. Longitudinal and Benchmark Content (YouTube)
  7. Core Advanced Clinical (YouTube)
  8. Health Systems Science (YouTube) 
  9. Three-Year Track (YouTube)
  10. Pathways (YouTube)

Block-specific Presentations (in order of EPC delivery)

  1. Principles 1 (YouTube)
  2. Principles 2 (YouTube)
  3. Cardiovascular (YouTube)
  4. Skin and Musculoskeletal System (YouTube)
  5. Gastrointestinal System (YouTube)
  6. Blood, Immunity, and Infection (August)
  7. Respiratory System (August)
  8. Urinary System (August)
  9. Nervous System and Behavior (Sept)
  10. Endocrine and Reproductive System (Sept)
  11. Early Clinical Integration (Oct)
  12. Clinical Integration (Oct)
  13. 3-Year Track (Oct)