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Curriculum Resources

Educational Policy Committee

Please Note: To access this intranet site, you will be asked to provide your UMMS or UMMHC username and password.

The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) is a primary governing body of the School of Medicine and has the authority to determine policy for medical school education. The EPC has the responsibility for planning, implementing, supervising, evaluating, and continuously revising a coherent and comprehensive program of general medical education for the training of physicians.  To access curriculum committee notes, LInC updates, course reviews and other EPC materials visit Educational Policy Committee   

Internal Course Reviews 

Each year the EPC curriculum committees review every course based on a presentation by the course leaders.  This peer review process helps us to continuously improve curriculum quality, share innovations, engage with institutional and national priority areas, coordinate and collaborate more effectively across courses.  FOM, CCE and AS course leaders enter data into a Microsoft Word document template provided on the EPC website. The completed course report is presented to the committees and after approved, the course reports are posted on the EPC websit. 

School of Medicine Online Blackboard Course Websites

Please Note: Access to this site is available to students and teaching faculty only.  To access this site, you must be enrolled in the course or given access by the course director or administrator. You will be asked to provide your UMassOnline username and password after clicking on the Blackboard link.

Blackboard is the comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) sponsored by UMass Online utilized by the University of Massachusetts 5 campus system.  Our campus uses the LMS for online course content and teaching and learning collaboration. The teaching and learning tools include Session Scheduling Tables, Blogs and Discussions, Quizzes and Self-tests, Image and Media Libraries, Assignments, Grade Book, Grading Forms and Peer Review. 

LInC Course Clerkship Leadership Guide

LInC Course and Clerkship Leadership Guide provides key information regarding many aspects of effective course management as well as policies and procedures in the Foundations of Medicine Years 1 and 2 curriculum and in the Core Clinical Experiences and Advanced Studies curriculum.  The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (OUME), Institutional Research, Evaluation and Assessment (IREA) and Academic Technology and Curriculum Innovation (ATCI) have outlined expectations and procedures that will be a helpful reference to the development and ongoing management of FOM, CCE and AS courses.