Longitudinal Preceptor Program

Program Description

The Longitudinal Preceptor Program (LPP) at UMMS is an integral curricular piece in which students are paired with a physician to practice their history taking and physical exam skills, as well as learning the basics of a medical practice.  The LPP program is part of the required Doctoring and Clinical Skills Course (DCS) in years 1 & 2. The experience lasts for approximately 1 ½ years with any individual student, and preceptors can choose to work with up to two students each year (one each from the first and second year classes).
Students are randomly assigned a preceptor in either an outpatient or inpatient setting.  

LPP Pilot Description 2018

The Longitudinal Preceptor Program began as a Primary Care Pilot, when outpatient medicine was a less prominent part of student education. It is time to try another pilot. The program has evolved over the years, has branched out to both inpatient and outpatient contexts, urgent care, emergency departments and sub-specialty clinics. As the program has evolved, we are working to better prepare students for the broad range of experience required of them in the clinical years. At the current time, beginning student experiences have been very different across sites with some doing primary care and some in very specialized settings such a pediatric surgical subspecialty. To create a wider range of experiences for the students, we are working on a pilot this year for 1/2 of our first year students.  The pilot is designed to:

  • assign two students to an LPP preceptor but the LPP preceptor will only have 1 at a time
  • each student will do ½  of their sessions with 1 preceptor and ½ with another over the first 2 years.
  • our goal is to pair students such that they see:
    • adults and children
    • inpatient and outpatient
    • primary and specialty care

We will be evaluating the outcomes of this experience and comparing it to the prior model. We also hope that this will foster more self-directed learning in students. They should be informing you on what skills they practiced in one setting and set goals on what they would like to work on in your office. We continue to look for ways to innovate and enhance student learning. If you have suggestions, please let us know.

"I have absolutely loved my LPP preceptorship. Working with patients at the Family Health Center has not only affirmed my career choice, but keeps me inspired and hopeful that my future is one that can make a difference."
- Laura Santoso, Class of 2018, LPP Site: Family Health Center of Worcester

"The preceptorship program has been my favorite thing about UMass so far...LPP allows me to take what I have learned in my basic science classes…and apply them in the hospital."
- Daniel Warden, Class of 2017, LPP Site: UMass Memorial & University Campus Emergency Department  

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