Find a Mentor Workshops

Are you looking for a mentor?
Do you need help on a project?
Do you need guidance for your career?

The Find a Mentor Workshops are designed to help individual faculty identify a mentor and establish a mentoring relationship.

Workshop Objectives: On completing this workshop, faculty will have

  • reviewed their needs for mentoring
  • defined the characteristics (expertise, preferences) of their desired mentor
  • identified the name(s) of appropriate mentors or developed a plan to identify a mentor
  • resources for contacting potential mentor(s) and establishing the mentoring relationship

Upcoming Workshops:

Additional workshops dates to be deteremined.

Preparation for the Workshop

Registrants will complete Step 1 (Define Your Needs) using either a  Mentoring Checklist or a Functional Mentoring Worksheet at the workshop. However, it may be helpful to review these prior to the workshop.