Mini-Tenure Reviews

All individuals on the tenure track must undergo a mini-tenure review during the third and fifth years of their tenure probationary period. Those faculty who had received less than four (4) years credit toward tenure may opt to undergo a mini-tenure review prior to the beginning of their tenure decision year. This review shall be carried out by the chair and the tenured faculty in the candidate’s department. If the department has fewer than five tenured faculty members, the department chair, in consultation with the candidate, will appoint tenured faculty from other departments so as to provide at least five reviewers.

The candidate must provide the review committee with the following: 1) current curriculum vitae; 2) documentation of teaching contributions; 3) any available documentation of service that the candidate feels would be relevant.

The review committee will review these materials and provide a written assessment of the accomplishments of the faculty member to date, including suggestions and recommendations for improvement that might facilitate success in the final tenure process. A copy of this assessment shall be forwarded to the Chancellor's designee for academic affairs. The departmental chair will meet with the candidate to review the assessment and to provide constructive suggestions for change as needed. The nature of this assessment, whether positive or negative, shall not affect the final outcome of the formal tenure review process. Rather it shall provide the candidate and chair with feedback on the pace and quality of the candidate’s progress.