Criteria for Tenure

Tenure at the University of Massachusetts Medical School is the right of continuous employment in an academic position subject to dismissal or suspension only for just cause. This award is an acknowledgment that a faculty member has achieved academic excellence. Those who receive this award are guaranteed academic freedom within the defined mission of the Institution (Academic Personnel Policy, Article 11.4). Tenure is governed by University and UMMS policies (see Academic Personnel Policy, Article 7 and Article 11).

The award of tenure can be made only by the University President with the concurrence of the Board of Trustees (Academic Personnel Policy, Article 7.10).  Except in unusual circumstances, consideration of a candidate for tenure shall be based on the following:

  • Convincing evidence of, and potential for continuing excellence in research, creative or scholarly activity and at least one of the following two areas: (1) education and (2) professional/academic service, with a minimum of strength in the third area, such as to demonstrate the possession of qualities appropriate to a member of the faculty occupying a permanent position; and
  • Compelling assurance of continuing development and achievement leading to considerable further contributions to the school, the campus and the University.

Probationary Period

The Tenure Track at UMMS incorporates an eight year probationary period (Academic Personnel Policy, Article 7.7), although this period may be extended to up to a maximum of 12 years (Academic Personnel Policy, Article 11.1) by altering the Tenure Decision Year. In year five of the probationary period the candidate undergoes a Mini-Tenure Review.