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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
Projects must be sponsored by UMass Worcester faculty and endorsed by the respective department chair in the School of Medicine or Dean of the Graduate School of Nursing or Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, as applicable.

Partnerships with students, residents and post-doctoral graduates from across the continuum of education are encouraged. Submissions in collaboration with educational affiliates and educational programs outside UMW are encouraged, providing that the project sponsorship includes a member of the UMW faculty.

How large are the grants?
The maximum grant award is $7,500.  There will be up to three awards. 

How can grant funds be used?
Grant funds can be used to fund technical or administrative personnel; for student stipends and consultants and; to purchase supplies and equipment. Awards for equipment purchases are restricted to items otherwise not available to the PI through his/her department or other central institution sources. All equipment purchased with IPEG funds will remain the property of the Office of Educational Affairs.  Travel funding (up to $1,000) will be considered only if the travel is necessary for project development or implementation.  IPEG funds cannot be used for faculty salary support.

What is the Submission deadline?
The completed application should be submitted by July 8, 2019. All application materials should be submitted to Ashton Gunn (

Whom should I consult with regarding a proposal idea?
Consultations can be arranged to meet applicants’ specific needs in designing their projects.  Consultants are available in such areas as research design, evaluation instrument development, standardized patients and simulation technology, as well as in content-specific areas.  Individuals who would like assistance in the development of their projects are encouraged to contact Ashton Gunn ( for a referral.

The following individuals are available to assist with proposal development in their particular areas of expertise:

  • Mary Ellen Lane, PhD, Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • Deborah DeMarco, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
  • Michael Ennis, MD, Assistant Dean for Student Advising, SOM
  • Melissa Fischer, MD, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and iCELS, SOM
  • Janet Hale, PhD, RN, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, GSN
  • David Hatem, MD, Co-Director of Learning Communities, SOM
  • Michael Kneeland, MD, Associate Dean of Allied Health and Interprofessional Education, SOM
  • Anne Larkin, MD, Senior Associate Dean of Educational Affairs
  • Joan Vitello, PhD, RN, Dean of the Graduate School of Nursing
  • Scott Wellman, MD, Director, Center for Academic Achievement
  • Mary Zanetti, EdD, Senior Director of Institutional Research, Evaluation and Assessment