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ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge

Recognizing the importance of civic engagement and participation, UMass Medical School has joined the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge[i] to encourage informed participation in United States democracy.

From the local school board to the Senate to the White House, it’s important to become informed, engaged and vote in every election.  No matter what you believe or whom you support, it is important to exercise your right to vote.

So make a plan now on how you’ll vote in the November 3rd election.

Register to Vote - The first step is making sure that you are registered to vote.  Registering to vote has never been easier and can be done online as well as in person.  Register to vote here

Once registered, decide now how you will vote in the next election - There are several ways to vote, they are:

  • Vote in person on election day – go to your local polling location on election day between 7AM and 8PM and cast your vote. Find your local voting location here
  • Vote in person in the days leading up to election day – during this early in person voting period there are typically fewer polling locations to vote than on election day itself. See when and where early in person voting is available in your town here
  • Vote by mail – apply for an absentee ballot either by using the paper form or the new Mail-in Ballot Application System.  Once received, complete the ballot and return it by mail or in person to your local city/town.   Once you submit your absentee ballot, you can track your ballot to ensure it has been received.  Voting by mail FAQs

The grid below contains deadlines on registering to vote and voting in Massachusetts

Key Dates for Registering and Voting in the November 3, 2020 Election

Deadline to register to vote (register to vote )

October 24, 2020

Early In Person Voting (find location(s) and hours for early voting in your city/town)

October 17th to October 30th

Deadline to Request Absentee (mail-in) Ballot (request an absentee ballot)

October 28, 2020 (12PM)

Deadline for Completed Absentee Ballot to be at polling location


November 3, 2020 (8PM)

Vote in Person on Election Day (find your election day polling location)

November 3, 2020 (7AM - 8PM)

[i] The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge is a Civic Nation Initiative. Civic Nation   is a nonpartisan organization. It does not support or oppose candidates for public office in any election, nor does it take a stand for or against any political party. Civic Nation believes that the participation of informed citizens is of the utmost importance and encourages individuals to play an active role in the U.S. democratic endeavors.