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  • 04 - 05 - 18

    The need to revisit treatment approaches for gout

    Leslie R. Harrold, MD, MPH, associate professor of orthopedics & physical rehabilitation, explains the difference between treatments for acute and chronic gout.

    Rare Disease Report

  • 04 - 03 - 18

    A new Springfield: behind the numbers

    An editorial references the opening of UMass Medical School’s Baystate Health regional clinical campus in Springfield, known as UMMS-Baystate Health, as a sign of economic development.

  • 04 - 02 - 18

    Weston resident runs for ALS Cellucci Fund

    Todd Brisky is running the 2018 Boston Marathon to raise money for the ALS Cellucci Fund at UMass Medical School. A friend of Mr. Brisky's was diagnosed with ALS last year.

    MetroWest Daily News

  • 03 - 29 - 18

    Ten ways to age positively

    Jerry H. Gurwitz, MD, the Dr. John Meyers Professor of Primary Care Medicine and professor of medicine and family medicine & community health, offers advice for maintaining health as we age.

    Fifty Plus Advocate

  • 03 - 29 - 18

    UMass Medical School research spending hit $280M

    Research funding at UMass Medical School increased 10 percent over 2016 to $280 million.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

    Worcester Business Journal

  • 03 - 29 - 18

    US investigating treatment of addicted prisoners in Mass.

    Warren J. Ferguson, MD, professor of medicine & community health, talks about treating patients with opioid addiction in a correctional setting.

    Boston Globe

  • 03 - 22 - 18

    Researchers at UMass Medical School discover gene linked to development of ALS

    John Landers, PhD, professor of neurology, led a team of more than 250 scientists who found that variations in the KIF5A gene cause both sporadic and familial ALS.


    Boston Herald

    NBC-10 TV Boston

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

    Worcester Business Journal


  • 03 - 16 - 18

    Caring for child with Canavan brings challenges as UMass research in Worcester offers hope for cure

    Guangping Gao, PhD,  the Penelope Booth Rockwell Professor in Biomedical Research, professor of microbiology & physiological systems, and director of the Horae Gene Therapy Center, discusses the latest advances in his search for a cure for Canavan disease, which will be supported by the Li Weibo Institute for Rare Diseases Research, founded by a $10 million endowment gift from the Li Weibo Charitable Foundation in China.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 03 - 16 - 18

    Match Day excitement fills UMass Medical School as graduating students learn of their residencies

    On Match Day, the School of Medicine Class of 2018 learned where they will begin their careers as doctors. Chancellor Michael F. Collins, and fourth year students Michele Sainvil, Evangelia Murray, and Jonathan Quang were interviewed.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

    Springfield Republican

    Boston Herald

  • 03 - 05 - 18

    CRISPR ‘gone wild’ has made stocks swoon, but studies show how to limit off-target editing

    Erik J. Sontheimer, PhD, professor of RNA therapeutics, talks about new research seeking to limit potential off-target damage caused by CRISPR gene editing.

    STAT News

    The Scientist

  • 02 - 26 - 18

    Fortress and Aevitas Enter Sponsored Research Agreement with AAV Technology Expert

    Fortress Biotech and Aevitas Therapeutics, one of its 11 subsidiaries, have entered into a sponsored research agreement with Guangping Gao, PhD, the Penelope Booth Rockwell Professor in Biomedical Research, professor of microbiology & physiological systems, and director of the Horae Gene Therapy Center, to evaluate construct optimization in the development of gene therapies based on adeno-associated virus technology.

    Rare Disease Report

  • 02 - 25 - 18

    How cells pack tangled DNA into neat chromosomes

    A study by Job Dekker, PhD, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, the Joseph J. Byrne Chair in Biomedical Research, professor of biochemistry & molecular pharmacology and co-director of the Program in Systems Biology, shows how cells quickly pack long chromosomes into compact, organized bundles, a key step before cells divide.


    Quanta Magazine

  • 02 - 22 - 18

    Lowell girl's pigment condition inspired mom to found pen pal network

    Five-year-old Aliya Sawyer, who has vitiligo, will speak at World Vitiligo Day Conference at UMMS on June 25.

    Lowell Sun

  • 02 - 20 - 18

    Researchers tackle flu virus as Central Mass. cases nearly double in a week

    Physician-scientist Jennifer Wang, MD, associate professor of medicine, talks to the media about her research for potential drug therapies that could more effectively treat influenza, reduce its symptoms, boost the immune system and get around the problem of drug resistance.

    Bedford Minuteman

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

    NBC-TV10 Boston


    Channel 3, Worcester News Tonight

  • 02 - 18 - 18

    Death with dignity

    In an op-ed, David Clive, MD, professor of medicine, draws on his experiences as a physician and teaching medical students how to practice compassionate end-of-life care to advocate for legalizing the option for physician-assisted death.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 02 - 18 - 18

    One on One: Jim Glasheen, UMass Medical School executive vice chancellor of innovation and business development

    Jim Glasheen, PhD, executive vice chancellor of innovation and business development, sits down with the Telegram & Gazette to discuss his arrival at UMMS and his vision for the Office of Innovation and Business Development at the medical school.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 02 - 16 - 18

    Stroke treatment time widens for some patients

    UMass Medical School is referenced in a story about treating stroke using clot dissolving drugs.

    Springfield Republican

  • 02 - 15 - 18

    Worcester opioid overdose deaths remained steady while statewide number fell

    Mark Neavyn, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine, comments for a story on opioid-related deaths in Massachusetts.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 02 - 13 - 18

    Darwin’s Dogs Project Takes Closer Look At Pets’ DNA And Behavior

    Darwin’s Dogs, a project by Elinor Karlsson, PhD, assistant professor of molecular medicine, collects canine DNA with the hope of using the information as a basis for studies of obsessive compulsive disorder and behavioral conditions.

    WBZ-TV Boston

  • 02 - 13 - 18

    New report details misuse of antipsychotics in nursing homes

    Jerry Gurwitz, MD, the Dr. John Meyers Professor of Primary Care Medicine and professor of medicine and family medicine & community health, comments on the dramatic decrease in the use of antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes.

    Associated Press

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