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  • 01 - 09 - 18

    A Fresh Take on Medical School

    An editorial about the PURCH program at UMass Medical School’s satellite campus at Baystate Health examines ways the program will benefit the health of the region’s population.

  • 01 - 09 - 18

    Baystate PURCH Program Puts Focus on Population Health

    First-year PURCH students Betsy McGovern, Prithwijit Roychowdhury, Kathryn Norman and Colton Conrad; Associate Professor and Chief Education Officer and Senior Associate Dean for Education at UMass Medical School-Baystate  Kevin T. Hinchey, MD, FACP; and Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean for Education at UMass Medical School-Baystate Rebecca D. Blanchard, PhD, MEd, are quoted in a story about the UMass Medical School PURCH program located at its satellite campus at Baystate Health.

  • 01 - 08 - 18

    Iranians in Central Mass. keep close eye on protests

    Iranian native Adel Bozorgzadeh, MD, professor of medicine and chief of transplant surgery, comments on the current protests in Iran.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 01 - 08 - 18

    UMass Medical researchers conducting global research

    Raffi Van Aroian, PhD, professor of molecular medicine, and Mark Klempner, MD, executive vice chancellor for MassBiologics of UMass Medical School and professor of medicine, discuss efforts at UMMS and MBL to develop new treatments for diseases such as hookworms and diphtheria that plague the developing world.

    Worcester Business Journal

  • 01 - 06 - 18

    Breast Cancer Gap

    Stephenie Lemon, PhD, professor of medicine, is a principal investigator on an $8.75 million grant from the National Institutes of Health National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences to demonstrate the feasibility of community–academic partnerships to provide innovations in information sharing and systems implementation that will translate into reductions in health disparities for vulnerable patients facing any disease.

    WGBH Greater Boston


  • 01 - 06 - 18

    Pet dogs provide key to unlock genetics of disease

    Darwin’s Dogs, a project led by Elinor Karlsson, PhD, assistant professor of molecular medicine, collects canine DNA with the hope of using the information as a basis for studies of obsessive compulsive disorder and behavioral conditions.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 01 - 05 - 18

    I tried mindfulness to quit drinking. It actually worked

    Judson A. Brewer, MD, PhD, associate professor of medicine and creator of the Unwinding Anxiety mindfulness app, talks about using mindfulness to disassociate our thoughts from certain behaviors.

    Washington Post

  • 01 - 04 - 18

    Atlas-backed Generation Bio promises ‘druglike’ gene therapy

    Robert M. Kotin, PhD, professor of microbiology & physiological systems and co-founder of Generation Bio, is quoted in a story about the start-up’s lipid nanoparticle platform that will allow it to offer the first genetic medicines that can be titrated to a particular dose—and redosed if necessary—like a conventional drug, and avoid the pitfalls of viral gene therapies such as generating immune reactions.


  • 01 - 04 - 18

    Cover Story: Unexcused: Chronic absenteeism rises in Worcester

    An article about chronic absenteeism at the Worcester Public School’s reference’s UMass Medical School’s help with an innovative program implemented over the summer to bring laundry machines to schools to combat the lack of clean clothes faced by some students.

    Worcester Magazine

  • 01 - 03 - 18

    'Avoid Opioids to Treat Arthritis,' Says a Rheumatologist

    Jonathan Kay, MD, the Timothy S. and Elaine L. Peterson Chair in Rheumatology and professor of medicine, talks about treating inflammatory arthritis without using opioids.

  • 01 - 01 - 18

    Precision medical treatments have a quality control problem

    Richard Friedberg, MD, chair and professor of pathology at UMMS-Baystate, cautions that new precision medical treatments reliant on patient samples need to be validated before being used in clinical settings.

    WHYY Radio Philadelphia

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