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Message from the Chair

Brian Silver, MD

Brian Silver, MD
The Endowed Chair in Neuroscience Research
Chair and professor of neurology

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the field of neurology and to the Department of Neurology at the University of Massachusetts. This is an exciting time to embark on a career in neurology. Powerful new technologies in basic neurobiology and the clinical neurosciences have rapidly improved our understanding of neurological illnesses. Prospects have never been better for finding effective new treatments for even the most devastating neurological disorders.

Our neurology faculty feel strongly that our residency program is clinically and intellectually at the very center of our department and that the training of new neurologists is among our most important, and most enjoyable responsibilities. We are committed to excellence in our training mission, and maintaining an open, accessible environment that facilitates intellectual engagement with our residents.

The Neurology Residency Program is designed to encompass both the richness of traditional clinical neurology and the excitement of contemporary clinical neuroscience. Our goal is to train superb clinical neurologists who are experienced in the principles of neurological disease and are also well-educated clinical neuroscientists informed about the structure, function and molecular physiology of the nervous system. As a corollary, we hope to impart skills that will enable anyone entering neurology, whether as a clinician or clinician-scientist, to continue to learn and succeed in virtually any type of neurological practice as the field evolves and changes.

While our program centers on a first-rate core clinical experience, with extensive teaching, close supervision and broad patient contact in both in-patient and out-patient settings, we also encourage our residents to explore areas of special interest and concentrate some of their time in specific fields. Specialized training in general or subspecialty neurology, neurophysiology, and neuroimaging as well as laboratory research in basic and applied neurobiology are among the options available. Also encouraged are opportunities to explore the excitement of research neurology in the laboratories of faculty both within the Neurology Department and other clinical and basic disciplines.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our program. And, again, welcome to the field of neurology and clinical neuroscience.