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University of Massachusetts Medical School Neurocritical Care Fellowship Program

The neurocritical care fellowship is a UCNS accredited 2 year fellowship training program that includes broad clinical exposure to the entire spectrum of  severe critically ill patients including neurological, neurosurgical, neurovascular and neurotrauma emergencies. As the only level 1 trauma center and stroke center that can provide comprehensive world class care in central Massachusetts, we have a wide catchment area and provide excellent academic clinical exposure in a closed neurointensive care unit with board certified neurocritical care faculty that have trained in the finest institutions providing teaching and mentorship in expert  multidisciplinary clinical care, clinical research and innovative telemedicine, all in the characteristically collegial and professional working environment of a tertiary academic medical center in UMass.

Our neurointensive care unit is a 16 bed neurotrauma ICU on the beautiful lakeside complex overlooking Lake Quinsigamond staffed by a veteran nursing corps with expertise in neurological and surgical critical care assessment and an outstanding midlevel group of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants with Residents rotating from the Departments of Neurology, Surgery, Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine.

Closed Unit and Extensive Trauma Exposure

As the only closed neurointensive care unit in New England, we are primarily responsible for the medical management of all critically ill neurological, neurosurgical, neurovascular and neurotrauma patients including traumatic brain injury, acute traumatic spinal cord injury, cerebral hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, malignant ischemic stroke, neoplasms with cerebral edema and status epilepticus.  Multidisciplinary care is provided with consulting teams from surgical trauma, stroke and general neurology, epilepsy, plastic and orthopedic surgery, neurointerventional radiology and neurosurgery. 

Specific protocols include our multimodal monitoring protocol for traumatic brain injury including ICP and PbtO2 monitoring, brain edema management, normothermia management with artic sun device, coagulopathy reversal, status epilepticus among other standardized practice guidelines for cerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

As the only level 1 trauma center in Central Massachusetts we will provide extensive exposure to moderate to severe neurological trauma patients co-managed with our expert Trauma Surgery service.

Innovative Telemedicine

UMass is the only Electronic ICU/Certified and Award Winning E-ICU hospital in New England with 24/7 Critical Care Attending coverage of all of the ICUs in the UMass system as well as eight outside/affiliated hospital ICUs in the Central Massachusetts area which provides active management and staffing of diverse critically ill patients as well as secondary support for quality measures and has been proven to improve outcomes and compliance with standard quality guidelines.

Our Telestroke network includes eight subscriber hospitals from the Central Massachusetts area to as far as Eastern Connecticut and provides neurological expertise to outside/remote emergency rooms for the assessment and acute emergent management of neurological emergencies including the administration of IV thrombolytics and stroke care.

Comprehensive Stroke Care

Our stroke center is a perennial American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Gold-Plus Awardee for stroke care and we have world class neurointerventional radiology and vascular neurology staff that provide unparalleled neurovascular care for both ischemic and hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease and an unlimited exposure to stroke patients from the general catchment area of central Massachusetts as well as our Telestroke network hospitals. 

Our fellows will have exposure to complex neurovascular diseases both ischemic and hemorrhagic and will be actively involved in the acute critical management as well as the post and peri-procedural care of these complicated patients.

Clinical Research

The University of Massachusetts Medical School ranks 29th out of 139 US medical schools in NIH funding and boasts its own Nobel Laureate, Lasker award recipient,  two members of the National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Medicine and seven Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators among others.  The Department of Neurology and Neurosciences is actively engaged in basic, translational and clinical research in numerous neurological diseases. 

The neurocritical care section is actively engaged in NIH-funded clinical research in Traumatic Brain Injury, as well as clinical research and clinical trials in Cerebral Hemorrhage, Ischemic Stroke and Subarachnoid hemorrhage.  As a Stroke NET institutional member through the New England Regional Coordinating Center we are active participants in numerous clinical trials we have participated or are participating in both ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke include SWIFT-PRIME, HIDEF/IDEF, MR WITNESS, and GAMES-RP.

There are numerous Neurocritical Care Fellowship programs around the country but we believe we provide a unique educational and training opportunity given our closed neuro ICU with extensive trauma exposure, comprehensive multidisciplinary stroke patient care, innovative EICU and Telestroke network, excellent clinical research opportunities, gifted faculty that are committed to teaching and mentorship and excellent critical care midlevel and nursing staff.    


Wiley R. Hall MD - Director, Neurocritical Care and Telestroke Services  

Susanne Muehlschlegel MD MPH - Associate Professor, Head of Neurocritical Care Research    

Marcey Osgood DO - Assistant Professor  

Bruce Simon, MD - Co-Director, Neurotrauma ICU 

Raphael A. Carandang, MD - Director Fellowship Program  

Lois Holmes - Program Coordinator  

For further inquiries and information on how to apply please email Lois Holmes at  or

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