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First Year Graphic Summary

6 months 
Role: Supervises Residents and Medical Students
NICU-Clinical Supervisor: Neonatal Attending
Patient Number: 33
Location: UMass Memorial Health Care - Memorial Campus

In the NICU, the fellow makes work/teaching rounds (15 hours per week) with the NICU attending, residents, NNPs, and medical students. His/her role is primarily supervisory in the area of patient management of acute and chronic cases, neonatal procedures, resuscitation, and neonatal transports. The fellow helps to orientate the residents and students. He coordinates subspecialty consults, neonatal conferences, and discharges. He reviews literature on difficult cases. He takes every 5-7 nights in-house or back-up call. He also becomes certified in neonatal CPR.

1 month
Role: Direct Patient Care
Supervisor: Back-up Neonatologist
Patient Number: 16
Location: UMass Memorial Health Care - Memorial Campus

Determine management, treatment, and consultations, works with parents, discharge planner, medical social worker, developmentalist, and visiting nurses. Coordinates, communicates, and dictates discharges. Performs well-baby consultations and writes daily notes. Covers L&D area during NICU rounds. Available for neonatal transports. Gives lectures for residents, NNPs, and Nurses.

1 month
Role: Observation
Supervisor: Attending Perinatologist
Location: UMass Memorial Health Care - Memorial Campus

Concentrates on perinatal patients (inpatient and outpatient), fetal US/ECHO's, perinatal conferences,perinatal consults, and fetal assessment. Reads obstetrical books and literature.

3 months
Role: Clinical/Basic Research
Supervisor: Faculty Mentor/Program Director
Location: UMass Memorial Health Care - Memorial & UMass Campus', Other

Develops a project(s), reviews literature, develops a study design and data collection, makes a presentation to neonatal research conference, and initiates Human Study approval. Attends research and multi-disciplinary seminars, journal clubs, and monthly neonatal/fellow specialty lectures. Does administrative duties (attend organizational meetings and schedule lectures and speakers, attends symposia/lectures on grant writing, research design, epidemiology). Attends Graduate School course on Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (weekly for one year) at the UMass Campus (either first or second year).

Vacation: 1 month