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    Equipment operated by the Deep Sequencing, PacBio, and Molecular Biology Cores is only accessible by Core personnel, but much of it can be utilized as a service. If the equipment you need is listed below but is not provided as an official Core Service on the appropriate page, please contact to discuss options for sending your samples.
    Technical skills in molecular biology are also available as a service. Email to begin a discussion of your requirements.


Pacific Biosciences Sequel II - Single-Molecule Real-Time sequencing of long reads from 500bp to over 50kb.


Illumina HiSeq 4000 - High-throughput sequencing of reads from 50bp to 150bp, rapid chemistry, 300-350M reads per lane.

Illumina HiSeq 2000 - Still onsite, but no longer in service.

Illumina MiSeq and MiSeqDx - High-throughput sequencing of reads from 25bp to 300bp, rapid chemistry, 10-20M reads per flowcell. The Dx can run clinical assays (for research use only) such as the Illumina cancer panels.

Diagenode Bioruptor Pico - Sonicator for DNA/RNA/chromatin shearing and cell or tissue disruption that uses Adaptive Cavitation. The Pico can accommodate smaller volumes than the Bioruptor NGS. This has replaced our Covaris S2.

Diagenode Bioruptor NGS - Sonicator for DNA/RNA/chromatin shearing and cell or tissue disruption that uses Adaptive Cavitation.

Covaris g-tubes - Single-use tubes for mechanical shearing of large fragments (10-30kb).

Sage Science Blue Pippin - Gel-based size-selection of fragments from 100bp to >30kb (depending on cassette and assay).

Life Technologies Qubit 3.0 Fluorometer - Fluorescence-based quantitation using intercalating dye specific for DNA, RNA, or protein (so no contamination is included). Only 1μl of sample is required.


ABI 3730XL Capillary Sequencer - For Sanger sequencing: the gold standard for DNA fragment analysis.

Advanced Analytical Fragment Analyzer - A capillary electrophoresis instrument for fragment analysis. This instrument has replaced the Bioanalyzer at the Core due to its higher sensitivity, wider dynamic range for assays, and throughput.

ABI TaqMan 7500 Fast - Real-time PCR system.

GE NanoVue Plus - A spectrophotometer capable of measuring nucleic acids, ssDNA (such as primers), protein, and fluorescent probes. Only 2-5μl of sample are required.

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