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  • Purvi Mande

    Purvi Mande, PhD

    Having a Ph.D in translational immunology/clinical research, wherein my work focused on identifying novel biomarkers for diagnosing women with ovarian autoimmunity and infertility, followed by developing an autoimmune mouse model for studying ovarian autoimmunity, I performed a postdoctoral fellowship in the division of rheumatology at UMMS. My research focused on characterizing a unique mouse model of cutaneous lupus that will provide great insights into pathogenesis of the human disease. My goal is to improve understanding of the role of various signaling mediators, their crosstalk and the mechanism by which they are regulated in lupus using state-of-art techniques. As a translational research immunologist, I aim to utilize my scientific training to translate research to develop novel therapeutics for patients with autoimmunity/inflammatory diseases specifically lupus.