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Lupus Blog & Current Events

Join our discussion as we discover more about lupus!

What causes lupus?

Posted On: Oct 02 2019

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The direct causes of lupus are extremely difficult to identify, but scientists think that lupus is triggered by certain environmental factors (UV light exposure, infections, stress, drugs or smoking) in combination with specific genes.

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Famous Faces with Lupus

Posted On: Aug 14 2019

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If you have lupus, you are not alone! Here are some celebrities with lupus who have shared their stories and are empowering others facing this disease.

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Does Having Lupus Increase Cancer Risk?

Posted On: Aug 08 2019


Having lupus can lead to an increased risk of some cancers but not others.

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What are ANAs

Posted On: Jul 09 2019

What are ANAs? And other factors doctors use to diagnose Lupus

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