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About Nese Kurt Yilmaz

Nese Kurt Yilmaz, PhDMy research interests lie in deciphering the molecular-level mechanisms underlying the biological function of proteins and how viral proteins develop resistance to current therapies, using a combination of computational and experimental techniques. During my Ph.D., I worked with Dr. Schiffer as a visiting fellow to investigate the native state dynamics and substrate specificity of HIV-1 protease using computational techniques. At UW-Madison, I studied protein structure and folding with a variety of biophysical spectroscopy techniques (including multidimensional NMR, fluorescence, circular dichroism). I joined UMass as a faculty member in 2011, where my research focus has been viral protein dynamics, structure, and intermolecular interactions as related to drug resistance. I have been both a leader and a key team member in multiple research projects, including two large collaborations funded by the NIH and Department of Defense. I am passionate about mentoring a diverse body of upcoming scientists, as well as communicating science to secure research funding and to disseminate research discoveries.

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