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Ride the Cloud with Ultra-Fast Speed, Anywhere, Anytime

Posted On: Friday, July 29, 2016 Posted By: Vivian Obodo Tags: Cloud9, Information Technology, Innovation, Upgrades, Wireless

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Cloud9 is all about upgrades and new initiatives that better the UMass Medical School Enhance community brought to you by the brilliant and innovative minds at UMassMed IT. One that we know is going to be a huge hit for the campus is the new wireless upgrade.

The new upgrade will increase the capacity of the amount of devices allowed for connection to the UMMS server. The Department of Information Technology is aware that the student population has increased from the previous year and will continue to increase as the school excels in research and medicine, so expanding the capacity of the network is vital. We also know that most people have at least two devices which need to be connected to a wireless network The increase in capacity for the network at UMass Medical now allows you to connect your smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.

Most of us have been subject to the snail-like speed of the campus’ network, whether we were taking tests, opening a page or simply surfing the web, speed wasn’t on our side. UMassMed IT is happy to announce that with this new upgrade, the user experience has been enhanced! Surfing the web will now be much smoother, and students will now be even able to load images faster while taking exams. This is something that the campus in its entirety will benefit from.

Along with the speed, one of the things, we as a university, will appreciate about the wireless is the greater range it now provides. If you are on the wireless in the Albert Sherman Center and need to run across the campus for a meeting, you will not lose your connection. Or if you are walking the campus trying to capture Pokémons and don’t feel like using your data, you will be covered by the UMass Medical wireless.

“We are excited to boost our wireless network and our new ultra-fast internet with reliable connections, better performance, and faster access to IT resources.”, says John Pelletier, Director of Network and Telecom Operations.

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Peace, Love, and Innovation

Vivian Obodo

Social Media Intern | Information Technology

Twitter: @UMassMedIT