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A Week in an Intern's Life

Posted On: Thursday, June 16, 2016 Posted By: Vivian Obodo Tags: A Week in an Intern's Life, Information Technology

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More than a Job, but an Experience

As I applied for various internships on the Emerging Professionals Summer Internship Program (EPSIP) website, I was determined to have anything but a summer job that was just that, a job. Something that would put some money in my pocket and pass the time. I wanted far more than that. An experience, a position that would allow me to build my network and that would challenge me by taking me from my comfort zone. And that was exactly what I received, Social Media Intern for Information Technology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  Now I knew that this was the perfect foot in the door, and at such a prestigious institution, but as my start date drew closer and closer, then finally arrived, I realized how nervous I was to embark on this new experience.

This day consisted of many “hi my name is Vivian” and a combination of a smile, a nod, and an okay whenever someone told me what I would be working on. Everyone I encountered had been so smart, and whenever something was mentioned that I knew nothing of, I felt more and more overwhelmed. I was then determined to gain as much understanding of my position and tasks so that I would be able to execute it to the best of my ability. This had been my goal for the rest of the week, but was difficult to accomplish because I still felt so small in a department where everyone had seemed so big—so intelligent.

As the week progressed, all the IT interns were invited to a special breakfast that simply sought to showcase the fact that everyone in the department were all truly there to help us if we  needed it. This fact was first showcased to me by my supervisor Scott Dz. He encouraged me to connect with as many people as I could because building my network was as important to him as it was to me. He was also very adamant about helping me understand that by the time this internship was over, I would have gained an actual experience and not have just moved a stack of folders from point A to point B.

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Knowing this, and that I have the support of all those I have met, even those not in the IT department, has really given me a different perspective of how this internship is going to go. I am now seeking not to just do my job and fulfill my position, but to make sure I gain an actual experience that will be the foundation of my professional life.

Vivian Obodo

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Vivian Obodo


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