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Forms Retention Policy

Thursday, March 25, 2021
To ensure your forms have the proper retention settings, please follow the steps below for each of your forms: 
  1. Review your form's retention policy:
    This allows you to set how long you wish to retain your form data.
    • Edit your form
    • In properties view, navigate to the Retention Tab as shown below
    • Update the 2 settings as desired
      • If you are unsure if your form is set to partial or finalized, you will set to "Finalize" in step 2
      • If you do not need to keep your data, please select Default 30 days on both settings, 
        • or assign a custom number of days before deleting the form data
      • If you wish to permanently retain your data, please select "Forever" on both settings
        • NOTE: currently there is a bug when setting the Default(forever). If you want to keep you data permanently on your Finalized forms, please change the value to Forever (not the default setting)


  1. Review your submission setting and set to Finalized
    • while still editing your form in properties view, navigate to the Content tab
    • scroll down to the Forms Elements section
    • edit the Submit button form element
    • go to the Settings tab
    • add a checkbox in the Finalize Form property if it is currently unselected

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