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Quick Base                     

What is a QuickBase?

QuickBase is a low-code / no-code web-based software platform that can fit many unique business needs. QuickBase can be used for some or all of your information-driven software needs—managing projects, sales contacts, customer reports, inventory and more—all while reducing administrative work and overhead.

QuickBase is a new approach to business software, requiring no additional IT infrastructure. Applications are easy to learn and adapt, and can be fully customized, without IT assistance or expensive consultants. Because QuickBase is Web-based, you and everyone on your team can access the information you need, where and when you need it. So you're more productive and efficient than ever before.

The low-code / no-code approach gives the non-technical user the ability to build powerful web-based solutions without the costly burden of IT developer resources. Quick base provides an intuitive and end user friendly experience that allows anyone to become an application builder. 

How to get access to QuickBase applications in the University of Massachusetts Medical School account:

Customers should first submit a Helpdesk ticket by calling 508-856-8643, or emailing their request to and put “QuickBase” in the subject line.

When submitting a request for access to QuickBase and the ability to create applications in QuickBase, the Helpdesk request should include the following additional information.

For users requesting access to an existing application, we need the name of the application and name of the Application Manager.

For users requesting permissions to create applications, we need:

  • The business need or purpose of the application
  • Will it store Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • What business unit will be responsible and who will be the application manager
  • How many new users will need to access the application? “New” means users that are not already registered license holders in the UMMS account
  • What departmental budget (Speedtype number) and budget/billing contact person and email

QuickBase licenses are an annual license fee that is "Per User". The rates can change year to year depending on the total product license cost to UMassMed. Contact the IT Billing Department or the Helpdesk for more information. 

How to get Technical Support for common QuickBase Issues:

Free Technical Support is available through each users individual Support Portal, which is accessible by clicking the “Help” button on the User’s Main page, and then clicking on “Manage Support Cases”.  This is a FREE service for users to request technical support directly from experienced QuickBase representatives for all native features and functionality.

Simply create a new support case with all the details of your issues and an experienced QuickBase support representative will contact you directly.  Response times are usually very quick, normally within a matter of an hour or two.

For urgent Technical Support requests, you should submit a Helpdesk Ticket and also contact your UMMS QuickBase Account Administrator for assistance.

Some common cases for Technical Support requests:

Password Reset:  Go to the Log-in Page: where users typically log in and you will see the “I forgot my password” reset link.  Follow the instructions and you should be all set.

QuickBase System Access is down:

If your web browsers are working (i.e., you are able to access the internet) go to the QuickBase Service page to get the status of QuickBase system availability. will provide details on system availability and other information related to any particular issues with QuickBase.  You can also obtain information about planned downtime for maintenance as well as specific details about software releases and what enhancements or fixes they contain.

When all else fails:

In extremely urgent matters where standard support tools are not available or responsive, users (particularly application managers) should feel free to contact the Quick Base Contact Us web-page for additional resources.

Quick Base is a 3rd party database application tool that is externally hosted by Quick Base. We (UMMS) provide System Administration, Account Management and some limited support services or guidance for technical support.  Contact the UMMS Account System Administrator for additional information.