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What is Social Media?

As UMMS decides that it wants to leverage social media to help to promote the high value activities in which we are engaged in the areas of research, clinical care and health care program delivery it is important to understand that using social media requires careful planning and needs to be considered as part of UMMS’ overall marketing strategy. Key considerations are:

  • Social media needs to leverage UMMS branding, messaging and customer interaction;
  • Our customers in general have limited time, therefore social media posts need to be concise and compelling and connect them to the larger UMMS community
  • The UMMS content presented needs to lead to discussion which drives engagement
  • The topics and context need to be tied to UMMS activities and key organizational goals
  • Analytics can be used to measure the impact/effectiveness of social media tools that are being used

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Most organizations’ Social Media focus relates to its own communities, but we believe another key element of social media marketing to consider is how to leverage UMMS IT customers (students, patients) and/or employees to promote the UMMS mission, its academic activities, exciting research, and/or health care delivery programs it offers, or help other patients or fellow colleagues or prospective partners to answer questions or share relevant information. Some illustrations of the power of this type of promotion:

  • 82% of employees say they trust a company more when the CEO and leadership team communicate via social media.*
  • A recent study noted that 41% of people believe conversations with company employees to be the most credible specialist sources of information*. Given this provides an army of promoters (UMMS employees) that can share information about the ground breaking research; innovative health care delivery and academics taking place at UMMS.
  • Healthcare managers, researchers and patients are looking to solve problems; or understand the answers to questions about UMMS activities, programs and or research, and if UMMS employees or existing UMMS patients/partners can help solve a problem or share information by engaging them directly via linking them to relevant UMMS information, a blog or tweet to provide specific a quick answer or research resource or healthcare service this will help UMMS to broadcast its message across a wider portion of its target audiences and further grow its brand footprint!

With this in mind we are have begun to assess how we can leverage our newly implemented content management suite in concert with social media tools to achieve this goal.  We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how we can help you to achieve these goals.

*eMarketer; Michael Brito/Edelman




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