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All Hands-On Deck - Fundraising Campaign


As sources for fundraising have become scarcer and the market for grants has become more competitive, the Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center reached out to the Digital Marketing team in order to increase their funding through donations.

The Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center is one of the top vitiligo-focused dermatology clinics in the world, attracting patients from all over the world. Patients with many different types of vitiligo line up to schedule appointments with Dr. John Harris in order to make an appointment to begin treatment. 

Despite the popularity of the Clinic, funding for research and the lab was becoming more scare. This meant that more advance equipment could not be purchased and more researchers could not be hired.

When we were approached by Dr. Harris, who we had already been working with on past marketing campaigns to help grow the community, we were already familiar with his established audience. However, we needed to create a plan that would connect John with not only his existing audience, but potential new audience members who were interested in participating in fundraising activities as well.


In order to start engaging with our existing and defined audience, we created fundraising focused content for the Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center’s website, that would help drive traffic and explain this need to the public. We first recommended Dr. Harris to write a blog post to talk about the history of the clinic and the importance of donations for future endeavors. Additionally, we created an email marketing campaign to reflect his sentiments and thoughts from the blog post to share with his subscribers.

For this engagement campaign, the Vitiligo Clinic already had an existing mailing list from previous marketing campaigns that we curated. To engage with the over 4,000 subscribers, we created a campaign with multiple emails, scheduled over a short period of time, urging subscribers to donate to the Clinic. The result was a 28% open rate and a 4% unique click through rate. Percentages are compared to the industry average of 20% open rate and 2% click through rate.

For social media marketing, we ran both organic and paid campaigns on various channels. The goal of these campaigns was to drive traffic to either the blog post to raise awareness about fundraising or directly to the donations page. On Facebook, through organic and paid social media posts, we reached over 96,000 people and our posts received over 1,200 likes and shares. This reach led to over 2,500 post clicks, a 2.8% click through rate, and more donations for the clinic. On Twitter, we ran an organic campaign with only 2 twitter posts linking to the blog and donations page, resulting in 7,931 impressions, 350 post engagements, and an engagement rate of 4.4%.

Results and Takeaways

The Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center was able to raise over $860,000 from around the world. These donations were made possible by a willing partnership between Dr. Harris, the director of the Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center, and the Digital Marketing team while implementing digital marketing best practices.