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Internship Administration


IT Innovation Intern Program 2017

Hiring Steps:

  • A minimum of three interviews are recommended for each opening.
  • Once interviews have been completed and a candidate has been selected, the Intern Supervisor will request and complete a minimum of two reference checks (these can include letters of recommendations or notes from conversations) and then submit to Talent Specialist (Michael Racine).
  • Intern Supervisor can proceed with extending an offer to the Intern of choice and shoulddiscuss and confirm the following details with the Intern:
    • The reporting Supervisor is (Intern Supervisor Name )
    • The Rate of Pay is ________ (range is $15/hr. - $30/hr.). 
    • This is a temporary, non-benefited position – there is no paid sick, vacation, holidays or personal time.
    • Confirm start date (allow a minimum 2 weeks to complete background check and onboarding process)
    • Confirm end date of internship (this is important part of the process)
    • Confirm his/her work schedule and number of hours per week
    • Confirm that intern will be available to work onsite at least 50 % of the time
    • Parking is $4 per week for part-time/$8 per week for full-time, and this will be deducted bi-weekly on their paycheck.

*Offer Decision Timeframe: If the Intern candidate requests additional time to make decision on offer, we would typically allow one or two business days to confirm offer acceptance. If offer not accepted within the times frame – move to offer to the next candidate or continue recruiting.

Onboarding Next Steps:

Here is the summary of the current process for our onboarding and off-boarding of interns

Summary of Responsibilities


Scheduling and conducting interviews with Intern candidates

Intern Supervisor

Extend and confirm offer details with Intern candidate

Intern Supervisor

Send Volunteer Pre-Entry and Learning Work Agreement forms to Intern Hire to complete and sign designated portions

Intern Supervisor

Return completed and signed forms to Intern Supervisor


Email Forms to Onboarding group ( and copy Elena and Michael

Intern Supervisor

Communicate intern name and email address to Information Security so that Information Security training can be assigned. 

Intern Supervisor

Enter Intern dates of employment in Peoplesoft (based on the Learning Work Agreement)

HR Services

Sends Intern paperwork and schedules HR appointment (includes CORI, parking, badge, etc.)

*If HireRight is required, an email is sent to Intern

HR Services

Intern will receive Clearance and Welcome Kit email

HR Services

Intern Profile created in system.  Automatic termination in system of Intern based on end date

HR Services

Set 2 week reminder of end date on calendar.  Inform Intern Committee and arrange returning equipment and badge from terminated Intern. The Intern will be terminated automatically with no notification on the end date per Learning Work Agreement)

Intern Supervisor

Send request for Intern Extension to HR Services

Intern Supervisor

Rehiring of Intern – create new requisition and attach forms provided by Intern Supervisor



  1. The Supervisor will send the Pre-Entry Form and Learning Work Agreement (LWA) Form to the Intern, located in HR Forms intranet site (, within two business days of offer acceptance. 
  2. Volunteer and Intern Pre-Entry Form - The Intern will need to complete the top portion of the Pre-Entry form and Supervisor will need to complete bottom portion of this form.  Start date and end date should be included.

  3. Student Intern Learning Work Agreement Form - The Intern will need to sign this form, Supervisor will complete the bottom section.  Hourly rate and start and end date should be noted on this form.

  4. The Supervisor will email both completed and signed forms and requisition number to and cc: Elena Kandova or Michael Racine in order to start the background check process (requisition number can be obtained by Elena or Michael).  These forms should be submitted within one week upon receipt from Intern.

  5. HR uses the dates on these forms to input in PeopleSoft and will be indicated on the Terms and Conditions email that is sent to the intern, along with the hiring manager as listed in iCIMS.

  6. HR sends the intern to the ICIMS new hire portal to fill out paperwork electronically, initiates applicable clearances, and schedules time for the Intern to come to our office to sign new hire paperwork.

  7. Background check (MA CORI) is required for each Intern hire.  If Intern has lived outside of MA, then he/she will need an additional National Criminal Check, which is initiated by HR (HireRight).
    • To complete a CORI check, HR Intake Services will contact Intern (using the information provided in the Pre-Entry and LWA forms) to schedule an appointment to come to HR Services office (located at South Street) prior to the start date. Intern hire will also complete hiring paperwork and will be assisted with obtaining ID Badge and Parking Tag.
  8. If Intern requires a HireRight check, HR Intake Services will notify HireRight and the Intern will receive an email from HireRight to log in and complete an online application to initiate the background check process. *The process can take up to two weeks, depending on the response time form the Intern hire.

  9. After the background check is complete and the Intern is eligible to start, HR Intake Services will email Intern and Supervisor or Elena Kandova a clearance email indicating they are cleared to work.

  10. HR Intake Services will provide Intern hire information about our Interns and Volunteers Online Welcome Kit as part of their Orientation via their clearance email.

  11. HR will create the profile of the student in the system including end date. HR will terminate this Intern automatically without notification on the end date at which point the intern will lose access to e-mail, badge and parking. If Supervisor is approved to extend the intern prior to the termination date they have to fill out form at least 2 weeks before end date within the form there is a submit button and the form is routed to the HR Intake Group mailbox.  This is the link to the extension form:

  12. Supervisor sets on his/her calendar the end date of the intern with a 2 weeks reminder. Supervisor works with Administrative staff to arrange computer, phone and desk.

  13. Supervisor will receive calendar reminder that intern will be terminated in 2 weeks.

  14. If Intern will not be extended, Supervisor will inform Intern Committee and will arrange to get back equipment, parking pass.

If an Intern terminates, a new requisition will need to be submitted to be rehired.  The Student Learner Agreement and Pre-Entry forms should be attached to the requisition for the new engagement.