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CWM Subcommittee

Patti Onorato.jpg

Chair: Patti Onorato

 Francesca D'Angelo Head Shot

IT Lead: Francesca D'Angelo

CWM Members

Facilitator: Francesca D'Angelo


Marty Baker, MSc
David Bertochi, JD
Gerry Campbell, JD  
Brian Coleman
Terry Dougherty, MPH
Jennifer Hartman
Greg Lonnqvist
Pamela McDonough
Rick Perro, MBA, MS
Marc Thibodeau, MSc, JD
Greg Wolf


CWM Ecosystem Priorities FY20

  • Implement Guiding Principles and Decision Framework for Technology Roadmap Decisions
  • Expand O365 functionality usage
  • Identify Business Operations/Foundational Technology Requirements and Platform Vendor
  • Implement Business Operations/Foundational Technology Platform
  • CWM Cloud Strategy
  • Application Modernization