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Visa & Travel Documents

Travel Documents/Entry Requirements

Passport and visa requirements vary by country and depend on your citizenship, reason for travel, length of stay, and number of entries required. Research your destination's requirements and apply early to avoid delays or disruptions in your travel. If you have questions about your requirements or will spend more than 180 days in any country in a year-long span, please contact International Support Services for guidance.  If you are a U.S. visa holder, review the Travel and Visa guidance on the Immigration Services webpage and reach out to Immigration Services with questions.

Visa Information

It is the responsibility of each UMMS employee/student to obtain appropriate visas with suitable expiration dates. There are several tools to help you identify the relevant requirements.  

  • Contact your embassy or consulate for information on visa requirements based on your nationality. See Embassies World for a comprehensive list of consulates and embassies (including support from third-country embassies).
  • Contact ISS to request a no-cost visa recommendation from iJet, the University's international travel intelligence provider 
  • Seek guidance from a visa support provider like ABriggs (see below). Please also note that there are costs associated with Visa Services 

It can take weeks to process visas, and expedition is not always available. 

International students and scholars should always consult advisors at Immigration Services before leaving the U.S. to ensure you can return without incident. If your U.S. visa has expired and you plan to return to the U.S., you’ll need to obtain a new U.S. visa while abroad.

Visa Service Provider

A Briggs is one of several passport and visa 

support service providers.  Their website is a good place to find information surrounding how to prepare a visa application and what components are required. A specialist will review your application before they submit it to the appropriate embassy in order to catch any errors before the process begins. ABriggs is particularly recommended in situations where the person does not have direct access to the country embassy, as well as for visas that are tricky to obtain. Overall, they can be helpful in the visa acquisition process, but please be aware that they charge a substantial fee for their services. 

ABriggs is based in the United States (with an office in Boston) and is able to assist non-US Citizens. Non-US Citizens should submit a request for support which will result in a personalized response sent to your email by an associate within one business day. 

You can also call A.Briggs 24/7 for advice, to start an application, or to check progress on an application at +1-866-931-8472; for help in resolving issues with an application in progress, call their Boston office Monday–Friday from 9 am-5 pm at +1-617-357-1840.