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International Travel Review & Approval Procedures

All international UMMS travel should be registered in the Travel Registry two weeks prior to travel.  Refer to Travel Registration page for details about whether and how to register

Approval by ISS is required to qualify for international travel assistance coverage (included med evac support) and malpractice insurance (if providing clinical care). Refer to the International Insurances page for more detail.

Standard Review Process:After a registration is completed, it is first reviewed by the appropriate department-level approver. ISS then reviews the itinerary and questionnaire answers against the most current safety, security and health information available through the following resources:

Travel is typically reviewed and approved within 3 business days. If you need urgent review - call 508.856.5746. ISS may request additional information about a trip, especially if the trip involves students/trainees and/or group travel.

All High Risk travel receives an in-depth review by ISS and must be approved by the UMMS Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost. The current List of “High Risk Travel” Destinations can be found here. 

Approval: If the travel questionnaire is complete AND there are no current "High Risk" factors (as defined below) or other concerns, then it is approved by ISS and a formal approval email is sent to the traveler. 

Special Review Procedures

  1. At ISS request,Traveler provides additional information about accommodations, ground transportation, prior travels, language ability, etc.). 
  2. ISS reviews travel details against State Dept., CDC and WorldAware advisories and prepares a formal recommendation to the EVC & Provost. 
  3. EVC & Provost reviews and makes final determination, asking follow up questions as applicable. 
  4. ISS advises traveler and approves registration, as applicable. 

Note: Travel to a destination with an elevated risk level may not be approved as UMMS travel. 


Contact Us

International Support Services
Email: internationalSupport
Phone: 508.856.5746
Emergency Number:
508.556.4498 (24/7) 
UMass Travel Assistance 
Policy: ADDN10892508
1-866-693-6873(US Toll Free)
1-312-935-9242(Direct Dial)